POWr Partners with Stripe
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POWr is one of the first to join the new Stripe partner program

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

Most people today don’t know that only 3% of GDP is online. That’s why we’re excited to join the Stripe Partner Program to increase internet commerce and help companies start, run, and scale their businesses.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will benefit from the combination of POWr plugins with Stripe’s seamless payments platform.

At POWr, we’re passionate about helping small businesses achieve their BIG goals. We know the SMB journey can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, and it’s our mission to help lighten the load as much as possible. Nothing puts a bigger smile on our POWr Rangers’ faces than hearing one of our plugins helped a small business owner better optimize their website and achieve greater results. Each of our plugins are created with small business owners in mind—to ensure they have access to all the tools they need for optimizing their website. Whether it’s improving functionality, boosting sales, increasing conversions, collecting data, creating a sense of community, etc., we have a plugin for it!

plugins for everyone! 🤗

It’s important to all of us at POWr that we always offer the best solutions for our users. This motivates us to actively seek out ways to improve and develop plugins to better suit the unique needs of small businesses. We're particularly excited about our new partnership with Stripe as it will provide another avenue for users to securely collect payments via credit card, using our Stripe Button and eCommerce plugins. Offering more payment options enables our users to reduce barriers to sale, thereby increasing conversions, which brings them closer to their business goals!

Accomplishing ALL the goals! 💪

In a recent case study with POWr user, XS Scuba, we learned that not only were they using several of our plugins, but our Tabs plugin specifically helped them better organize information on their products pages and decrease customer inquiries by making important information easily accessible to their customers. It’s stories, like these, that remind us why we work so hard—to help users, like XS Scuba, see real results.

eCommerce continues to offer exciting opportunities for small businesses, especially considering it comprises 10% of all retail sales with an annual projected growth of 15%! It’s expected that by 2021, eCommerce sales will reach up to $4.5 trillion globally—$4.5 TRILLION (we’ll wait while you take time to process that). This means even more opportunities for small businesses to leave their mark—how great is that? We’re excited to partner with businesses, like Stripe, who are just as passionate as we are about the future of bringing more business online.

Can you feel our excitement? 😃

We believe that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started, levels the playing field, and increases economic output and trade around the world. Together with Stripe, our mission is to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the internet.

Learn more about how to use the POWr-Stripe integration in our FAQs. Try it today in POWr Stripe Button or eCommerce!