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Build a Sense of Community with POWr Comments

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

What is Comments?

POWr Comments is a user-friendly, easy to implement plugin that enables you to build customer confidence, engage new visitors and curate a strong sense of community. Display comments on your site, collect feedback, provide social proof, manage a discussion forum, and collect 5-star reviews for your product or brand. 

Why should I use Comments?

  • Boost shopper confidence

    Collect and display customer reviews and ratings of your product.

  • Build a sense of community

    Engage with customers and answer their questions right on your site.

  • Stay in control

    Moderate content and choose which reviews to show.

How much does it cost?

You can get started for free! If you’d like more advanced features, you can upgrade to Premium for $4.99, Pro for $11.99 or Business for $49.99 (which upgrades all your POWr plugins). You can find full pricing information here.

What does it look like?

Check it out on a user's site!

Pro Tip

Allow your customers to leave star ratings! Ratings have become an indespensible aspect of a customer's journey. Choose to add only star ratings, or have customers leave both a star rating and a review.

Try it now.