How XS Scuba reduced customer inquiries and improved organization on their website with POWr Plugins
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POWr Case Study: XS Scuba

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

About XS Scuba: 

XS Scuba is a complete full-line supplier and developer of scuba diving products sold worldwide. They’ve been around for 15 years and recently underwent a branding update--check out their fantastic website here. Whether you’re a professional scuba diver or recreational hobbyist, they’ve got you covered. 

Plugins they use: 

POWr Tabs
Instagram Feed

Form Builder


What led XS Scuba to POWr? 

When Googling a way to consolidate information on their Squarespace website, they discovered their solution in the POWr Tabs plugin. Tabs enabled them to list sizing, materials and various options within the same page while also offering a much needed level of functionality (uploading images on forms). According to Mike Stonis,  Art Director at XS Scuba,  “POWr helped us bridge the gap between building a website from scratch and being able to add extra functionality.”


They wanted an effective way to keep customers on the same page, while giving them access to important information. Each product requires a great deal of explanation and detail which translates to text-heavy pages. 


During their search for the best solution, XS Scuba came across POWr Tabs, a simple but remarkably powerful tool for organizing content on any website. POWr Tabs enables users to create virtually any Tab structure, which is how XS Scuba was able to customize their Tabs plugin to blend seamlessly with their site, while organizing their text in a customer friendly way. 


As a result of using POWr FAQ, XS Scuba experienced a decrease in customer inquiries, as well as better internal sales support and training due to information being readily available on their website. 

POWr Tabs contributed to better overall website design through the seamless organization of information. As industry specialists, XS Scuba found that Tabs enabled them to make the most information available on technical questions easily accessible on their website. 

What they love about POWr Plugins:

  • How easy it is to create and edit POWr plugins without needing any coding knowledge. 
  • That the plugins blend so seamlessly with their site that you can’t even tell they’re plugins. 
  • Everything is very straightforward and their tutorials help you avoid and overcome user errors.
  • The customer service is great! 
  • The little updates keep things modern.

Mike Stonis is an Art Director / Photographer for XS Scuba. His 20 years of experience in art and design range from photography, print design, video editing and web design.