adjective | pow·er·ful | \ˈpau̇(-ə)r-fəl\
having a strong effect on someone or something
- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
At POWr, we’re interested in websites.  And businesses.  And the way that businesses use websites… to do business!  What began as a passion project has evolved into the internet’s leading plugin library; a suite of DIY tools that anyone can use, on any website, regardless of their technical background or training.  From photo galleries to contact forms to eCommerce galleries, we make the tools that real people need to succeed online.  We’ve released dozens of plugins already, and continue to launch new and improved versions on a daily basis.
Ben and Josh started POWr in early 2014, out of Ben’s living room.  In mid January, the glorious founders made their first two dollars, did a happy dance, and committed to POWr full-time.  Since then, the team has grown to 12 full-time employees and a strange, squirmy dog who eats carrots.  We support millions of users across 87 countries, and are halfway through our third 10x.  And as we continue to grow exponentially, so too does our team.  We’re looking for smart, aggressive, large-brained persons who will contribute on day one.
Every day, we report to work in the handsomely appointed interiors of our stately downtown office, located squarely on the corner of Market and New Montgomery.  As a POWr employee, you’ll enjoy coffee from a coffee machine, beer from a fridge, and snacks that come wrapped in high-grade plastic wrapping.  Our open floor plan matches our topographically flat organizational structure.  And bright orange structural beams let you know straightaway that this is a startup with a roof.
At POWr, we provide all of the things you’ve come to expect from an employer; pay, health care, dental coverage, daily lunch, popcorn, weird little energy shot things, and a squirmy dog.  But we also go above and beyond, with things like cocktail hour, game night, impromptu motivational speeches, and annual retreats to our favorite sun cult.
We believe that things run better if everyone can do everything; not like juggling or taekwondo, but more job related things, like using HTML/CSS and building lovely webpages.  That’s why we offer ‘code-school’ training to all POWr employees.  In a previous life, our founders taught web design courses at San Francisco’s General Assembly.  Now you can learn the same valuable skills directly from the masters.  This is not some hollow, self-improvement gobbledygook, but a real commitment to expanding the skills of our team.  Our Support Team leader recently created our support and contact pages… and they look great.

Available POWr Ranger Positions