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POWr Job Board

Job Board

Post Jobs and hire fast

Embed a job board on your website with the POWr Job Board Plugin to quickly post and manage your open positions. From basic job titles, location, and salary to detailed job requirements and descriptions, the POWr Job Board Plugin will have you ready to accept applicants in minutes. Customize the look and feel of your board to fit perfectly with your brand. Job board allows you to cast a wide a net as possible -- add to your website, blog, even your Facebook page with one simple interface.

POWr plugins have been added to over 12,000,000 websites.

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POWr Job Board is a great way to make your website more powerful.

Whether your goal is to boost conversions or engage visitors, using Job Board, a job board plugin or simple job board, is the missing puzzle piece to help you achieve it.

Experience effortless growth with a job board plugin

The best part is that once you’ve created your simple job board, you’ll be equipped with a whole library of plugins to supercharge your site. You can edit your job board creator in the same editor as all other POWr tools, so once you’ve used one you can use them all.

You can manage Job Board, create new plugins and view your subscriptions and billing information in one central dashboard. With built-in analytics you can also measure the impact of your job board plugin to identify what’s best for your business.

Use the POWr Job Board Plugin as your job board plugin

Adding Job Board allows you to personalize your site to meet the needs of your business, all while encouraging interaction on your website and encouraging visitors to take action. It might be subscribing to your newsletter, finding your business on social media or making a purchase, but no matter the goal, embedding a job board creator can help you achieve it.

Growing your business online doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a number of tools at your disposal, including Job Board, a simple job board. It’s easy-to-use, affordable and totally customizable, so you can have a fully functional job board plugin on your site in just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a professional web developer or know any code.

Your job board creator will look great everywhere

No matter which platform you’re using, from WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify (and more), you can be sure that POWr Job Board will look great on all sites. With a mobile-responsive design, your simple job board will automatically adjust to display on any device. You can also use text in any language in the job board creator, so you can reach your audience anywhere in the world.

It only takes a few clicks to make your website more powerful with Job Board. Get started for free and start seeing the improvements you can get from using a job board plugin and simple job board today!

POWr Job Board Settings


A future customer's first impression of you, your business, or your brand, is nearly always your web page. Own it with easy custom design controls. Just launch your POWr Editor to begin customizing nearly any aspect of the add-on. Backgrounds, border styles, colors; edit them all with no trouble at all. POWr's add-ons can mesh with almost any site with only a couple of clicks.

Job Board edit

Live Editing

It is simple to edit this POWr Job Board add-on directly inside of a live website, without touching any gross HTML or CSS. The easy to use POWr Editor lets you add content and customize style without ever leaving the web page. You will be able to see the changes updated live right on the website. So there's no annoying window management, or switching views. Just open, customize, and save.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones and tablets now account for up to half of all internet traffic. Don't let your website or company miss out on the growing number of mobile shoppers and visitors. Widgets like POWr Job Board can help. It is designed to function of phones, tablets, and any other mobile device. So it doesn't matter how people find your website. They always should see a great website.

Job Board edit
Job Board edit

Cloud Synced

POWr Job Board is fully cloud-based. Which means you can edit your plugin and access your data from anywhere you'd like. You can even embed the same POWr Job Board on multiple web pages with our easy installation guides. Put the cloud to work for you, with POWr.

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Job Board Features

  • Set location, compensation, and full job descriptions.
  • Link submissions to email or application pages.
  • Custom fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and more.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.
  • Language support for any language.
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    POWr is a set of free website plugins for everyone! Build a free form, a responsive photo gallery, a functional online store, or a custom banner slider. Create customizable plugins with no code required, and edit plugins right in your live webpage with the simple POWr Editor. Perfect tools for web designers, small businesses, online stores, or anyone else looking for a comprehensive set of website widgets and plugins. Add free website plugins to WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Facebook, or any other CMS/site-builder. Plus, these mobile responsive plugins are fully responsive, so they’ll look good on any device. POWr Plugins are the best tools for your website. No more designers. No more code. Just pure unadulterated POWr.

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