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Free Contact Form Generator: The Best Rated Contact Form App

The easy way to build professional forms for any website, with no code.

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Why POWR Contact Form for your website?

Close Sales 3x Faster

By creating quality forms your organization will not only save time collecting customer info but you will also save time responding to customer inquiries and messages.

boost conversions
Boost Conversions up to 300%

With well-designed, multi-step forms with conditional logic that are easier for your visitors to finish than their morning coffee.

save time
Save 50% Organizational Time

You'll have fewer manual data exports, with automatic data syncs to Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more. So you sit back, relax, and hit that snooze button!

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

Lisa Hardy

@ Good World Graphics

Advanced Customization

Rich Form Elements

From dropdowns, multiple-choice, star ratings, file uploads, emoji feedback, picture choice, and more.

Multi-page Forms

Great for surveys or long forms to make them more user-friendly.

Post-Submission Options

Redirect customers to a thank you page, show a custom message, display results publicly, or hide the form.

Conditional Logic

Show or hide certain questions based on a customer's previous response.

Easily Accept Payments

One-time payments‎

Private and secure one-time payments


Accept monthly recurring payments


One-time or recurring donations

Create discount codes‎

Build loyalty with discount codes at checkout


Email Notifications‎

Set up email notifications for new form submissions.

Abandoned Cart‎

Set up email notifications for abandoned carts - you'll get them if a user submits your form but doesn't complete payment.

Autoresponder Emails‎

Set up branded and conditional autoresponder emails for your customers that send after they submit your form.

POWRful Integrations


Automatically import new contacts to your email lists.


Connect to thousands of apps to set up powerful automations that save you time.

Google Sheets

Automatically sync new form responses in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Free Contact Form Generator Work?
A responsive contact form is a gold standard in customer communications and allows customers to easily contact your company. POWR offers several choices in our advanced builder software to customize your contact form to match your business branding. Whether you need to create contact forms, design an order form template, a quotation request form, or a registration form to capture new leads, a contact form generator enables your customer to fill in their details swiftly, providing all the essential and required information they need. An online contact form is step one in the conversion chain, triggering instant automated responses, storing the correspondence for future tracking, and giving customers confidence that their online data is being managed correctly.
What Are the Benefits of Having an Automated Contact Form For My Website?
A free contact form from the POWR builder will transform how you manage new customer inquiries and responses. Responding automatically to each interaction will show professionalism and outstanding customer service for the best results. There are countless benefits to receiving correspondence and feedback via a contact form (and it's a significantly better customer experience than displaying an email address and asking your prospect to do the legwork):
  • Reduce spam emails, accepting only inquiries and information requests via your free contact form generator or contact form plugin.
  • Keep clear records to track inquiries, conversions, and communications so you can follow up on your best contact form leads.
  • Use the builder to develop a contact form email marketing list, with opt-in messaging incorporated within your contact form and templates.
  • You can leverage your contact form in multiple ways, streamlining how you delegate and manage messages, initiating new projects and task lists directly from the contact form template and builder, and kick-starting an advanced CRM system with minimal manual interventions. Another handy piece of contact form functionality is the ability to dictate the subject line, which will filter incoming contact form submissions by type to keep your inbox organized and your responses fast.
    What Should I Look For in a Free Contact Form Template Plugin?
    If you know you need a contact form on your site, but feel overwhelmed by the number of digital builder options, let's summarize some of the key features of free contact forms software. Essentially, you need a contact form with the features and builder properties that enable you to design a professional contact form quickly, reflecting your business personality and enticing customers to fill in their details on the form. Versatile Contact Form Design Tools Your contact form is an extension of your digital presence, so this must reflect your brand - with consistent style, colors, and branding. A generic contact form that feels at odds with your social accounts and logo graphics isn't a good look! POWR free contact forms have thousands of form fields to choose from and extensive formatting options so you can select the fields you need on your contact form templates - including drop-downs, date selectors, check-boxes, and everything in between. Easy to Use Contact Form Templates Our contact form builder requires zero developer expertise, with NO coding, so you won't need to hire a pro or contract out your contact form design. Everything is intuitive and accessible to marketing teams, SEO pros, and managers interested in a form builder they can easily use. Conversion-Ready Contact Forms Are you looking to ramp up conversion rates? Our contact form builder is the way to go. The attention to detail is reflected in input fields matching the anticipated answers, bold, attention-grabbing contact form CTAs, and optional fields allowing your customer to share as much or as little detail as they wish when they complete the form.
    Do I Need a Developer to Use a Contact Form Builder?

    Not at all. You do not need a developer to use our WordPress form plugin. Our free contact form software uses drag-and-drop formatting to help you build a modern, on-brand contact form that scales up or down perfectly on any internet-connected device.

    That's essential, given that over 50% of web traffic comes from hand-held mobile devices!

    How Does an Online Contact Form Work?

    A contact form builder is an excellent way to produce a custom contact form, inviting (and encouraging) customers to submit details, whether a message, a donation, or a registration.

    Contact forms include the specific fields and questions you need - that might be a simple name and email address or might have a substantial number of information boxes to enable you to return an appropriate response to your customers.

    When a customer submits your contact form, you can set up your contact form management protocols to automatically filter by message type, integrate with in-house software, capture prospective leads and generate immediate auto-responses to keep your client satisfied.

    What is the Quickest Way to Create Online Contact Forms?

    It takes minimal time to build a free contact form with POWR, and you'll see how effectively this form builder tool is driving your conversion rates to new heights.

    We recognize that businesses are busy and short on time, so our contact form builder is engineered to simplify the process, help you make firm decisions, and structure an optimized contact form in minutes.

    Which Contact Form Templates Should I Choose?

    Contact forms have no limitations. You can use the builder to make longer contact forms or a different version across multiple pages to smooth the visual experience or design a short contact form to capture information requests.

    A pro-form creator simplifies the design process with the option to use your contact form for in-house efficiencies, such as managing order requests or developing a customer-facing, responsive framework to make it effortless for customers to get in touch with your company.

    POWR Contact Form is the ultimate business asset, allowing you to build, edit, adapt, and expand each contact form with seamless customization and conditional logic functionality to ensure every lead fits flawlessly into your integrations and workflows.

    Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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    Branded Fruit has cut 50% of the time spent responding to inquiries by using POWR Form Builder

    We also now save 10 hours of organizational time per week by using Zapier to automatically sync form responses with Airtable and Slack.

    Danielle Baskin, Founder, Branded Fruit

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    POWR Form Builder has been such a tremendous asset on our website over the past year

    They have helped us respond to inquiries 75% faster by reducing the time spent on follow up. We also used POWR to create a petition [to protect valuable farmland] and we've received over 15,000 submissions so far!

    Brandon Cepeda, Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm

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