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Congratulations on getting your business online with 1&1 IONOS!

The next step is often getting website visitors and making sales, but how will you do this?

Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Adding the Zoom Pop Up plugin is a proven method for increasing user engagement and conversion, and is often proposed by web professionals as a best practice for amplifying the 1&1 IONOS site.
Add Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS

Some small businesses try to build a Zoom Pop Up website solo or get a web designer who claims he/she can build a Zoom Pop Up.

Others attempt to find open source Zoom Pop Up apps, or foreign companies that allegedly offer Zoom Pop Up apps at rock-bottom prices.

Furthermore, customizing these apps generally requires coding knowledge or another designer to update it for you, actually costing you more resources over time.

As your company continues to progress, you're likely to face problems of security, as hackers may attempt to take advantage of Zoom Pop Up security vulnerabilities.

More traffic on your site can also lead to bugs with the Zoom Pop Up, as more visitors on your site can increase loading times. The worst possibility is that your successful Zoom Pop Up crashes just as traffic booms due to an outstanding campaign.

Add Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
As website technologies progress, custom and homegrown Zoom Pop Up apps will incur more time and cost of keeping your “web guy” to update your site and keep it at peak performance.

That's why first-class hosting service Zoom Pop Up solutions like POWR are the key website service for most real businesses.

POWR Zoom Pop Up for website is intuitive to set up and doesn't even need any coding. POWR's patented WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) Editor lets you to make real-time updates to Zoom Pop Up on your website page, so you always know exactly what your site looks like.


Easily Customizable

Every detail like fonts, colors, borders, and spacing can be edited to make your brand identity stand out.


Mobile Responsive

Design is automatically responsive to look impressive on any mobile, tablet, or web browser.


No Coding Required

As easy as copy and pasting right onto your 1&1 IONOS website.

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Support feature

POWR Zoom Pop Ups are developed to scale with your business, so it offers the most advanced security features and high-volume capabilities on the market to ensure you and your customers stay safe.

security feature
What's more, there's customer support available all day every day and a comprehensive help center.

Our team of expert engineers work relentlessly to make sure the POWR apps such as your 1&1 IONOS Zoom Pop Up working for you.

Embedding Zoom Pop Up app onto your 1&1 IONOS site has never been easier

Create your customized Zoom Pop Up 1&1 IONOS app, match your website's style and colors, and add Zoom Pop Up to your 1&1 IONOS page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

How to add Zoom Pop Up in 1&1 IONOS:

  1. Create your Zoom Pop Up
    Click here
  2. Copy HTML Code
    Copy the HTML code below. It will be pasted into your 1&1 IONOS page editor in Step 2
  3. Paste HTML Code into your 1&1IONOS editor
    In your 1&1 IONOS editor, navigate to the page where you want to add POWR Zoom Pop Up. Click the “Widget” icon; drag and drop where you want an HTML content. Paste your code from step 1 and click “Update"
  4. Preview your page
    If Zoom Pop Up is not available in editor, click “Preview” to render your form
Zoom Pop UpZoom Pop Up

Most of all, POWR Zoom Pop Up has time-tested results. Case studies have shown POWR Zoom Pop Up to increase conversions over 30%!

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Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
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Easy to navigate for a non-tech person like me. Tried so many apps, and this is the best combination of great features for any shop.

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market on Form Builder

4 stars
4 stars

This app was seamless

It helped me get my website traffic to engage on more platforms! I would highly recommended to anyone!

C.G. Harrison & Co on Instagram Feed

4 stars
4 stars

This app was seamless

I was surprised that Shopify didn`t have a built in function for something like this, but glad your app fits the bill.

UL Press on Photo Gallery

Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS

If you still find it unbelievable, then take a look at what Rbia Shades, a sunglass company that creates handmade wooden frames, has been able to create.

Add Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS

In this time they've been able to expand their contact list by 250% using POWR Popup to acquire email addresses. They also added POWR Social Feed to their site and noticed a 200% boost in engagement from their site visitors, as well as a jump in their social media followers. They now have 13K followers on Instagram, and the number keeps growing.

They were seeking a way to collect email sign ups effectively on their website and started out with POWR Popup. Fast forward 8 months and they're generating 250% more email contacts compared with before they used POWR on their site.

Add Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
250% growth in contacts
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
200% growth in engagement
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Visitors spent 2.5x longer on their site
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
If you're building several websites for clients, the amazing news is you'll find everything you need to help your clients generate leads and convert visitors in one place.

On Design, a marketing agency that utilizes POWR apps for their customers websites, has noted 100% uptime, which allows them to offer a high reliability rate, effectively bringing value to their customers and engaging more leads to convert.

With one account you'll find all you need in one place.

Whether it's an online form builder to generate sign ups, a pop up to reduce cart abandonment, an image slider to show off your latest products, or a countdown timer to get consumers excited about your next sale.

Apps for Lead Generation

Let's begin with lead collection. This is a core part of online business. Your website might be getting a lot of traffic, but you need to be able to qualify them. Collecting their contact details is a perfect way of moving these website visitors down your sales funnel. There are many ways of doing this, but let's begin with online forms.

POWR Form Builder
Form Builder is a powerful app that has many features and integrations to help you. Collect emails and phone numbers with validated fields. If you have a lot of information to collect you can add multi step functionality to increase form submissions. Fully design your form to fit your logo. You can also take payments with PayPal and Stripe and you can even enable offline payments such as cash or check. The possibilities are truly endless and the best part, you can try POWR Form Builder for free today!
POWR Popup
Easily and quickly acquire contacts using Popup on your site. Start by selecting the template you want to use. You can entice with a discount or try a fun spin to win popup to entice visitors to leave their email. Add custom triggers to your popup and show after a certain time that a visitor is on your site, or show the popup as they start to leave your site and show exit intent. Automatically send an email response when someone fills out your form, or redirect them to a personalized page on your site. Integrate your Popup to Google Sheets and Mailchimp with the click of a button. Try Popup today!
POWR Facebook Chat
Sometimes a visitor on your site might have a easy question they need answered. Convert these visitors into leads by offering an instant chat work on your site through Facebook Messenger. The chat icon will look on your site to that any visitor can click in and send a message you. You can utilize animations, customize the experience with your brand and more. Facebook Chat can be setup on your 1&1 IONOS website in just a few minutes. Get started now!
POWR's solutions have helped small businesses collect 2x more leads on their website and win back over 10 hours per week of organizational time. Florida fruit stand and farm, Robert Is Here, grew to over $250,000 in one year since they took their business online with the help of POWR.

Apps to Increase Conversions

After you've amassed leads, it's time to try to convert them into customers. POWR has many apps designed to help you do just that. Check out these top apps and find out how you can give your website website more POWR!

Countdown Timer
POWR Countdown Timer
Create a sense of urgency that gets your site visitors taking action with a countdown timer. If your visitor feels like they're going to miss out on a deal they're more likely to click that 'buy now' button. In fact, countdown timers have been proven to increase conversions up to 300%. You can change the look and feel of your timer and embed it on your page in a banner, on your product pages or at checkout. This adaptable timer can also be used to count up the number of people who purchased or who looked at an item, for example. Want to learn more about POWR Countdown Timer for 1&1 IONOS? You can read more here.
POWR Social Feed
Keep your site updated with fresh content from you social media! Connect Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more and add your social media posts directly to your 1&1 IONOS website. Automatically display your social feed refreshed as often as you'd like and have total control by selecting to approve or remove certain posts. Showcase your feed in a beautiful grid, collage, or slider layout. Auto-crop your posts. select whether to display comments and likes. Add captions to your posts in a lightbox display. Add hover effects and animations making your social feed more engaging and engaging on your 1&1 IONOS site. Try Social Feed for free today.
POWR Testimonial Slider
Give your website visitors the final nudge they need to total their purchase with POWR Testimonial Slider. It's the straight forward way of displaying pleased customer quotes in a simple, sliding banner on your 1&1 IONOS website. Social proof is an essential part of the sales funnel, helping to increase trust in your brand and products. Create your slideshow of pleased customer or client quotes, add an image and update your favorite background color. Adjust your slide speed and install it anywhere on your 1&1 IONOS site within minutes. Learn more about POWR Testimonial Slider for 1&1 IONOS here.

Join businesses big and small, like Allbirds, Acer, Staples, Estée Lauder, Airbus, Chick-fil-A, Buddha Pants and Michele's Granola, and test POWR today!

Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOSZoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOSZoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOSZoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOSZoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS
Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS

About POWR

POWR's mission is to help businesses grow online. We do this by offering straight forward to use, editable, and affordable solutions designed to generate more leads and drive conversions on your website. We integrate with hundreds of platforms and embed within minutes. With forms, popups, social feeds, image galleries, video sliders and more POWR's suite of apps are on the market to start for free, and grow as you grow. We've received a multitude of awards and have worked with the top eCommerce companies in the industry like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, Woocommerce and more since inception. Our apps integrate with widely used platforms, like Google Sheets Mailchimp and Zapier, to save you even more time and making processes seamless across multiple business softwares.

Add Zoom Pop Up to 1&1 IONOS