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Embed A Sticky Payment Button Bluehost Plugin on Your Website

Add a Bluehost Sticky Payment Button plugin to your website without coding or headaches.

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Congratulations on launching your business online with Bluehost!

The next step is often attracting website visitors and making sales, but how will you do this? More businesses are more online than ever before and competing for the same attention that your Bluehost website needs. People have a 2.5 second attention span, and even less for younger audiences. What will it take to get your company new customers?

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost

Sticky Payment Button plugin for Bluehost websites was carefully built to help business owners solve these problems and increase visibility, engagement and conversions.

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost

Some businesses think only the 'techie' person in the office or from Facebook can develop Sticky Payment Button without a hitch.

Others look for cheap alternative Sticky Payment Button apps from overseas or open source Sticky Payment Button apps that claim to have what they're looking for.

However, these seemingly cheap and easy Sticky Payment Button options always end up costing businesses a lot of time and money. While the Sticky Payment Button could look not bad when you look at it, mobile visitors, or visitors on different browsers, might see an unresponsive, unattractive, and unhelpful Sticky Payment Button. Worse still, they might not see it at all.

Updating and customizing these Sticky Payment Buttons can be tricky, and you might end up having to hire someone with coding experience, or end up with more bugs than you started with.

Additionally, as your business booms, hackers could see this unsecured Sticky Payment Button as an opportunity to exploit your business and your customers.

More traffic on your site can also lead to problems with the Sticky Payment Button, as more visitors on your site can increase loading times. What could be more frustrating that your Sticky Payment Button crashing just as traffic jumps due to a fantastic campaign?

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost

Website technologies are evolving daily, so the Sticky Payment Button that the office 'techie' set up could end up falling behind the curve, and cost you more time and money to keep it running.

That's why the top businesses choose POWR for reliable, professional Bluehost Sticky Payment Button solutions.

POWR Sticky Payment Button for Bluehost offers easy, code-free setup. POWR's patented WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) Editor allows you to make real-time updates to Sticky Payment Button on your Bluehost page, so you always know exactly what your site looks like.

Easily Customizable

Fonts, colors, borders, spacing, and more can all be customized to fit your brand and make your app pop.

Mobile Responsive

POWR Sticky Payment Buttons are automatically responsive on mobile, tablet, and any web browser.

No need for code

As easy as copy and pasting right onto your Bluehost website.

Support feature

POWR Sticky Payment Buttons are carefully built to scale with your business, so it offers the most advanced security features and high-volume capabilities on the market to ensure you and your customers stay safe.

security feature

What's more, POWR provides a 24/7 customer support and a help center, so someone is always there to answer all your urgent questions!

POWR's team of engineers are working around the clock to keep Bluehost Sticky Payment Button and all 60+ other POWR apps working flawlessly.

Embedding a Sticky Payment Button app onto your Bluehost site has never been easier

Create your customized Sticky Payment Button Bluehost app, match your website's style and colors, and add Sticky Payment Button to your Bluehost page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

Create your Sticky Payment Button
Copy HTML code
Paste code into a shortcode block in Bluehost editor
Update and Preview your online Sticky Payment Button

To top it all off, POWR Sticky Payment Button is a tried and true winner with tangible results. Case studies have shown that POWR Sticky Payment Button boosts conversions by over 30%!

Trusted by Millions

We deliver quality, with over 12,387 reviews to prove it.


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4 stars


Easy to navigate for a non-tech person like me. Tried so many apps, and this is the best combination of great features for any shop.

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market on Form Builder

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4 stars

This app was seamless

It helped me get my website traffic to engage on more platforms! I would highly recommended to anyone!

C.G. Harrison & Co on Instagram Feed

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5 stars

I am really enjoying this app so far

I was surprised that Shopify didn`t have a built in function for something like this, but glad your app fits the bill.

UL Press on Photo Gallery


The proof is with Rbia Shades. Rbia Shades’ mission is to provide a super cool pair of shades that you will absolutely love, while keeping it green and environmentally friendly. Their sunglasses are handcrafted entirely from sustainable wood and recycled materials, and they are unique thanks to the awesome diversity of wood grain.

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost

Rbia Shades has been using POWR apps for 8 months and has seen wonderful business growth over the last year and a half in business, with 2 retail locations and a successful online store.

In this time they've been able to expand their contact list by 250% using POWR Popup to collect email addresses. They also added POWR Social Feed to their site and noticed a 200% increase in engagement from their site visitors, as well as a bump in their social media followers. They now have 13K followers on Instagram, and the number keeps increasing.

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost
250% growth in contacts
Increase social media followers to over 6,000
Visitors spent 2.5x longer on their site
Building multiple websites? POWR is the perfect solution for you too.

All apps can be embedded on any site, including Bluehost. Agencies like OnDesign have reported saving hundreds of hours by using POWR's tools and know they can count on POWR for 100% uptime. Whether you're selling products, collecting registrations or building websites, you can rest assured you're using best-in-class solutions that will get you results.

POWR has a suite of 60+ apps that you can start using on your Bluehost website for free today.

Whether you need an app for lead collection, or for conversion rate optimization, we have something for you.

Apps for Lead Generation

Let's start with lead collection. This is a core part of online business. Your website might be getting a lot of visitors, but you need to be able to qualify them. Collecting their contact information is a great way of moving these website visitors down your sales funnel. There are many ways of doing this, but let's start with online forms.

POWR Form Builder
POWR Form Builder allows you to seamlessly develop and embed online forms onto any website. You can get started with one of our templates and then edit your form to match your site. Create email sign up forms, registration forms, order forms with PayPal or Stripe payments, and much more. These powerful forms come with conditional logic and integrations with Mailchimp, Google Sheets and Zapier. Want to learn more about POWR Form Builder for Bluehost? You can read more here.
POWR Popup
Collect more leads with POWR Popup by creating an email sign up popup that appears at just the right moment. You can even use Popup to reduce cart abandonment by offering a special coupon code to use at checkout. Display your popup after a delay or when a visitor shows exit intent. POWR Popup integrates with Mailchimp and Zapier so you can simplify your workflows. Want to learn more about POWR Popup for Bluehost? You can read more here.
POWR Facebook Chat
Let your customers chat to you in real time via Facebook Messenger. Create your Facebook Chat app and embed it anywhere on your website with an avatar and welcome message. Your site visitors can then contact you by clicking on the widget and it'll open up a chat in Facebook so they can reach you instantly and get any questions answered.

Other POWR users have found that using POWR's solutions helped them double the number of leads they collected on their website. Small Florida-based business Robert Is Here was able to collect a huge 15,000 signatures on a petition in only 3 months using POWR's solutions.

Apps to Increase Conversions

Once you've collected all these leads, what do you do with them? Your next step is to convert them into sales. You can do this by following up with an email sequence, for example, and you can maximize the number of your website visitors you convert right on your page. There are easy steps to get you there. Your first is to create FOMO (fear of missing out).

POWR Countdown Timer
Create a sense of urgency that gets your site visitors taking action using a countdown timer. If your visitor feels like they're about to miss out on a deal they're more likely to click that 'buy now' button. In fact, countdown timers have been shown to increase conversions up to 300%. You can customize the look and feel of your timer and embed it on your page in a banner, on your product pages or at checkout. This versatile timer can also be used to count up the number of people who bought or who looked at an item, for example. Want to learn more about POWR Countdown Timer for Bluehost? You can read more here.

POWR Social Feed
Prove to your site visitors that your brand is well-loved by showcasing your social media content from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Create a live gallery of social posts from your account, or follow hashtags unique to your brand for great social proof that gets your site visitors taking action. You can choose your layout, whether it's a grid, masonry layout or slider and show or hide likes and comments on hover. Want to learn more about POWR Social Feed for Bluehost? You can read more here.
POWR Testimonial Slider
With so many options possible online, customers want to know what others thought of a product or service and their experience with the company. Displaying quotes from happy customers on your website in a slider is a great way to give them that final nudge to convert. Create a slideshow of happy customer quotes, upload their image and choose your background, slide speed and embed it anywhere on your site. Want to learn more about POWR Testimonial Slider for Bluehost? You can read more here.

POWR is trusted on over 12 million websites worldwide, including:

About POWR

Wondering who we are at POWR? We help small businesses grow online with easy-to-use, customizable and affordable solutions that convert more website visitors into sales. Our suite of tools is unrivalled in its breadth, simple editing experience and customization options, and includes everything from forms, popups, review apps, and more. We take the guesswork out of what’s needed to grow sales online. POWR will help you accelerate your business growth with advanced all-in-one lead collection and conversion optimization solutions.

Add Sticky Payment Button to Bluehost