Embed a Comments Plugin on Jumpseller in just a few simple steps

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    Create your Comments

    Page or Theme?

    Add to Page/Post
    Add to Theme

    Launch Code Editor under Themes

    1. In your Jumpseller admin, go to Themes > Code Editor and click the Layout option in the top navigation bar.
    2. Paste the following script code anywhere within the HEAD section.

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    Add Comments to a Page

    1. In your Jumpseller admin, navigate to Pages.
    2. Click on the page where you'd like to add POWr.
    3. Paste the following shortcode into the text area:

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    Copy the following code snippet


    Add code to Theme

    1. In your Jumpseller admin, go to Themes > Code Editor.
    2. In the Code Editor, select the location for your Comments (for example, Home, Layout, Contact).
    3. Paste the code from the previous step into the preferred location within the theme file.
    4. View your site to see if Comments shows up in the expected place.

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That's it! You're done!

This Comments Plugin is proudly brought to you by POWr

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