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Don't know how to code? No problem with these easy steps to add Testimonial Feed to Webs in minutes.

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Steps to Add a Testimonial Feed App on a Webs Site

Create your customized Testimonial Feed app, match your website's style and colors, and add Testimonial Feed to your Webs page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

How To Add a Testimonial Feed App on Webs:

  1. Create a Free Testimonial Feed App

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  2. Start Webs Editor

    Navigate to the page where you'd like to add your Testimonial Feed plugin.
  3. New Custom HTML

    In the components list, go to Other and drag a Custom HTML element onto the page.
  4. New HTML Box

    Double click on the gray box.
  5. Paste the Code

    Paste the code in the box. Note, Because Webs does not dynamically resize elements, you may need to change the height parameter in the embed snippet so the plugin fits nicely on the page. Eg to increase the height to 700px simply write: height='700px'.
  6. Edit your Testimonial Feed on Webs:

    Go to the live Webs website and click the Settings Icon in the upper right corner of the Testimonial Feed app.

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Testimonial Feed to Webs
Add Testimonial Feed to Webs

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People often ask a 'techie' friend to build a Testimonial Feed for them or hire a 'web guy' that one of their friends referred.

Others look overseas or for low-cost open source alternatives for Testimonial Feed.

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Also, customizing and updating a Testimonial Feed app calls for even more time, and is likely to cause new issues.

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Add Testimonial Feed to Webs
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Add Testimonial Feed to Webs
Testimonial Feed to Webs
250% contacts growth
Testimonial Feed to Webs
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Testimonial Feed to Webs
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