How to Add A Social Proof App to a Webs Website

Don't know how to code? No problem with these easy steps to add Social Proof to Webs in minutes.

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Steps to Add a Social Proof App on a Webs Site

Create your customized Social Proof app, match your website's style and colors, and add Social Proof to your Webs page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

How To Add a Social Proof App on Webs:

  1. Create a Free Social Proof App

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  2. Launch Webs Editor

    Navigate to the page where you'd like to add your Social Proof plugin.
  3. Custom HTML

    Choose Other from the list of components. Drag the Custom HTML element onto the page.
  4. Custom HTML Box

    Double click the box.
  5. Paste the Code

    Paste the code in the box. Note, Because Webs does not dynamically resize elements, you may need to change the height parameter in the embed snippet so the plugin fits nicely on the page. Eg to increase the height to 700px simply write: height='700px'.
  6. Edit your Social Proof on Webs:

    Go to the live Webs website and click the Settings Icon in the upper right corner of the Social Proof app.

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Social Proof to Webs
Add Social Proof to Webs

Make Your Website Elements Unique

Some may first try to DIY a Social Proof app or 'knows a guy' that can build one in 'no time'.

Others attempt to find open source Social Proof apps, or foreign companies that claim to offer Social Proof apps for a bargain.

POWR Saves You Valuable Time

Also, customizing these apps usually requires coding experience or another designer to help -- costing even more resources.

In a world where scammers infiltrate sites every day, many other Social Proof apps out there aren't built with security in mind, which could expose your customers or worse -- crash your whole site. Not with POWR!

Add Social Proof to Webs
Support feature

Because POWR is built for scale, has the most advanced built-in security and high-volume capabilities of any other Social Proof app on the market, we protect you while you grow on Webs.

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Our award-winning customer support team is available 24/7, as well as a dedicated Help Center to answer any questions.

Furthermore, our team of talented engineers work at all hours to keep POWR apps like your Webs Social Proof at peak performance for you.

CASE STUDY: Rbia Shades completely transformed their online experience

A few months after Rbia Shades launched at local fairs and craft shows, they were looking for a way to sell online.

They wanted to visually appeal to site visitors and demonstrate the quality of their product and lightweight, ergonomic designs.

Their web host did not provide an adequate solution for this, and after some research, decided to give POWR a try.

Shortly after signing on with POWR, Rbia’s first step was to install a popup. They increased their contacts by over 250% (over 600 real contacts).

Soon after, they added our Social Feed app and grew their social media following to over 6000.

Next, they added a Media Slider as a visual way to quickly show their products to new site visitors as they entered their homepage to show how the accessories looked in real life. It showcases their products well and gave customers a great on-site experience.

In fact, they quickly found that visitors who interacted with POWR apps on their site stayed engaged 2.5 times longer than ever before.

Add Social Proof to Webs
Social Proof to Webs
250% contacts growth
Social Proof to Webs
Up 2x in engagement
Social Proof to Webs
Time on site up 2x

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