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Get a Free Social Media Feed on Your Website: The Best Rated Social Feed App

The easy way to create a professional social media feed for any website, with no code.

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Why POWR Social Feed for your website?

Get 200% More Views

By getting your social media content in front of more people with a live stream on your website from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

boost conversions
Boost Conversions by 40%

By adding customer images to your website from Instagram or by following hashtags for convincing social proof that converts your visitors into customers.

save time
Increase Brand Recognition

By making your posts shareable on your website so visitors can share them and increase your brand reach.

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

Lisa Hardy

@ Good World Graphics

Boost Brand Recognition

Add Multiple Feeds

Mix multiple social media sources in one combined feed so you can display all your content in one place.

Social Sharing

Let your visitors share your Social Feed posts by adding social sharing buttons.

Content Moderation

Approve new posts before they’re added to your website feed, or automatically display any new posts immediately.

Advanced Customization

Automatic Image Cropping

Save time with one-click image cropping. Choose from no crop, portrait, landscape or square.

Flexible Layouts

Pick your perfect gallery style, whether it’s a square grid, collage, or slider.

Eye-Catching Hover Effects

Get more engagement by displaying image captions and likes on hover, with your chosen background color.

POWRful Integrations


Add posts from a @ account or # hashtag.


Add posts from a Facebook Page or Public Group.


Automatically sync new form responses in real time.


Add videos from a channel or playlist URL.


Add videos with a Vimeo username or channel URL.


Add posts from a Pinterest Board.


Add videos from a Dailymotion user account.


Add posts from a Tumblr blog.


Add pictures from a Flickr URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a social media feed on my website?

You put so much effort into your social media feed, whether for digital advertising, boosting engagement on social networks, or investing in sleek content - doesn't it make sense to embed your social media in every touch-point?

This is where POWR comes in, offering seamless ways to replicate the gold standard content on your social media feed, where it matters most.

How can I capture traffic through a social media feed?

Advantages of showcasing your social feed on your website pages include:

  • Streamlining promotional messages between your feed and your website (with one, easy-to-use widget!).
  • Building that solid foundation of trust by replicating top-performing social media content.
  • Improving the visibility of your social media posts by signposting them to regular visitors; leading to increased followers on your social media channels!
  • Augmenting organic reach by using a social media aggregator to capture premium content from your most popular social media feeds.
What top social media platforms should I use to create my website feeds?

If you're unsure which social media feed to focus on, it's best to look at conversion rates and which feeds on social media capture the most attention.

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great social feeds. But it will be your highest performing social media platforms that you'll want to showcase on your site.

How can I leverage my feed to maximize customer engagement?

The more feeds and features on your site pages, the lower your bounce rate.

Adding a simple social media feed with zero extra work can be magic for your engagement metrics, amplifying the visibility of your social media feeds to new customer demographics.

How can I embed social media feeds on my site (with zero coding!)?

If featuring a social media feed on website pages sounds complicated, don't worry - we make it simple; the POWR widget does all the hard work, no coding or web development required!

Do social media feeds help drive sales on my website?

Replicating your social media account on your website is a great way to drive followers, boost conversions, engage your visitors, and harness the popularity of your feed to link to your online sales pages.

Why should I select a social media aggregator to consolidate social media feeds?

We get it - it's hard to choose one feed, but POWR gives you control over which social media feeds you display on your site.

Our social media aggregator allows you to combine different posts from across your preferred social media channels without limiting you to one feed or another!

Breaking down the walls and creating simple ways for businesses to embed a media feed on their website from across social media accounts means you can refresh your pages, inject energy into your online forms, and maximize the impact of every post you create.

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All I wanted to do is add my Instagram feed to my website (no bells and whistles required)

- This was SUPER SIMPLE to do with this app . Thanks for making things straightforward and free!

Murphy and Bailey

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it helped me to give another added punch to my website which was able to showcase more of my journey, personal style and personality. It definitely took it up a notch and i love how it installs it for you by clicking a button to say where you want it and offering different layout styles to fit the page.

TSK Soaphouse

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