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Learn more about your users with a custom poll!

Create any poll in a few easy steps. Choose a title, add input fields for text, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, and more. And set colors, fonts, and sizing to match the rest of your website.

POWr plugins have been added to over 12,000,000 websites.

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A future customer's first impression of you, your business, or your brand, is almost always the web page. Own it with simple custom style controls. POWr Poll lets you create your plugin exactly the way you'd like it. Simple, editable backgrounds, colors, and borders are at your fingertips. POWr's add-ons can fit almost any website with only a few clicks.

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Live Editing

It is simple to customize the following POWr Poll add-on directly inside of a live web page, without touching any gross HTML or CSS. The easy to use POWr Editor lets you add content and edit style without ever leaving the website. View your edits in real time, on your real site. No need to switch between different pages editor and view pages. Just open, customize, and save.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones and tablets now account for up to half of all internet traffic. Don't let your site or business miss out on the growing number of mobile shoppers and visitors. This Poll plugin is optimized to work perfectly on almost any computer. So your website will always look beautiful.

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Cloud Synced

POWr Poll is fully cloud-based. Which means you can edit your plugin and access your data from anywhere you want. And best of all, it's easy to use the same Poll on different pages, all over the internet. Make the power of cloud computing work for you, with POWr.

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Poll Features

  • Up to 100 submissions per month.
  • Easy inputs for text, dropdowns, checkboxes, email, date, and more.
  • Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
  • Accept payments through PayPal.
  • Create recurring payments for memberships and subscriptions.
  • Dynamic pricing options.
  • Automatically receive email notifications and store responses for analysis and export.
  • Display custom “thank you” messages when forms are submitted.
  • Choose between optional or required input fields.
  • Built-in support for text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive design looks great on any device.
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    The world’s most powerful website tools

    POWr is a set of free website plugins for everyone! Build a free form, a responsive photo gallery, a functional online store, or a custom banner slider. Create customizable plugins with no code required, and edit plugins right in your live webpage with the simple POWr Editor. Perfect tools for web designers, small businesses, online stores, or anyone else looking for a comprehensive set of website widgets and plugins. Add free website plugins to WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Facebook, or any other CMS/site-builder. Plus, these mobile responsive plugins are fully responsive, so they’ll look good on any device. POWr Plugins are the best tools for your website. No more designers. No more code. Just pure unadulterated POWr.

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