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POWr plugins have been added to over 12,000,000 websites.

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Custom Forms

Most website popups let you collect a name and email address. But only POWr Popup lets you embed the legendary POWr Form Builder inside a custom popup message. Collect the exact visitor information you need, with customizable form fields, conditional logic, and even built in payment options. POWr Popup lets you leverage the deep functionality of custom forms at exactly the right time. Whether you’re building an email list or signing up visitors for a free trial, this popup plugin lets you automate and simplify your marketing funnel.

Time Controls

Catch visitors at the perfect moment to increase your conversions. POWr Popup can be triggered on a time delay, a visitor’s click, or right before a visitor leaves your page. Cut your abandonment rates by 50%, without ever lifting a finger, and increase visitor time on your site. POWr Popup knows when someone is about to exit your page, and gives you the opportunity to present a special deal, offer, or promotional code, or even a quick email sign-up. So you can keep visitors engaged, or reach out to them later.

Rich Media

Don’t limit yourself with static content and boring text blocks. Grab attention and keep visitors interested with rich media like photos, videos, and even responsive social galleries. Welcome visitors to your site or store with a popup intro video. Or push them to follow your social media accounts with a set of linking social media icons. Even add a miniature online store, to help visitors find your best deals without ever having to search. POWr Popup is a blank canvas that lets you decided what, where, and when to engage your visitors.


A first impression is important for your brand or business. Often, the website is this first impression. Make it the best it can be, with POWr's fully editable Full Screen Popup web app. Just launch the POWr Editor to start customizing nearly any aspect of the plugin. Simple, editable backgrounds, colors, and borders are at your fingertips. You will be able to see just how simple it is to match your web page.

Full Screen Popup edit

Live Editing

The following easy Full Screen Popup plugin is editable live on your website. To open the POWr Editor, just click the Edit button above your Full Screen Popup, and then start adding contents and editing style. You will see the edits updated in real time right on the web page. No need to go back and forth between different pages editor and view pages. Just open, customize, and save your changes.

Mobile Responsive

More and more consumers are searching the web on mobile phones and tablets. To compete, website developers must be building mobile responsive add-ons into their web pages. Web apps like POWr Full Screen Popup can help. It is optimized to work of phones, tablets, and any other mobile device. So your website will always look great.

Full Screen Popup edit
Full Screen Popup edit

Cloud Synced

POWr Full Screen Popup is a completely cloud-based plugin. So you can access and edit your plugin from any computer or device, no matter where you are. You can even add the same POWr Full Screen Popup on multiple websites with our easy installation guides. Make the power of cloud computing work for you, with POWr.

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Full Screen Popup Features

  • Add popups to any web page.
  • Elements for text, images, videos, documents, call-to-action buttons, or other POWr Plugins.
  • Set padding and transition behavior.
  • Gray out background page, or leave visible.
  • Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
  • Adjustable sizing and spacing.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.
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    The world’s most powerful website tools

    POWr is a set of free website plugins for everyone! Build a free form, a responsive photo gallery, a functional online store, or a custom banner slider. Create customizable plugins with no code required, and edit plugins right in your live webpage with the simple POWr Editor. Perfect tools for web designers, small businesses, online stores, or anyone else looking for a comprehensive set of website widgets and plugins. Add free website plugins to WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Facebook, or any other CMS/site-builder. Plus, these mobile responsive plugins are fully responsive, so they’ll look good on any device. POWr Plugins are the best tools for your website. No more designers. No more code. Just pure unadulterated POWr.

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