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Answer questions in advance with custom FAQs

Create, organize and display Frequently Asked Questions on any page, with this simple, powerful plugin. Just enter Questions and Answers, then edit design settings to match your site. Include images, videos, and links.

POWr plugins have been added to over 12,000,000 websites.

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A first impression is important for your brand or business. Often, your site is this first impression. Make it the best it can be, with POWr's fully editable FAQ widget. POWr FAQ allows you to create your plugin exactly the way you'd like it. Backgrounds, border styles, colors; edit them all without losing your cool. Design your plugin to fit your site, without pricey developers or designers.

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Live Editing

The following easy FAQ plugin is customizable live on your web page. To open the POWr Editor, just click the Edit button above your FAQ, and then start adding content and editing design. View your changes live, on your actual site. So there's no annoying window management, or switching views. Just open, customize, and save your edits.

Mobile Responsive

More and more consumers are searching the web on mobile devices. To succeed, website developers must be building mobile responsive plugins into their web pages. The following FAQ web app is designed to work beautifully on any device. So it does not matter how people find your site. They always should see a great website.

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Cloud Synced

POWr FAQ is a completely cloud-based plugin. So you can access and edit your plugin from any computer or device, no matter where you are. And best of all, it's simple to use the same FAQ on different pages, all over the internet. Put the cloud to work for you, with POWr.

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FAQ Features

  • Up to three entries.
  • Expandable questions and answers.
  • Add images, videos, and links.
  • Accordion layout or display single answer.
  • Built in or customizable icons.
  • Adjustable transition speed.
  • Custom colors, fonts, sizing, and spacing.
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    POWr is a set of free website plugins for everyone! Build a free form, a responsive photo gallery, a functional online store, or a custom banner slider. Create customizable plugins with no code required, and edit plugins right in your live webpage with the simple POWr Editor. Perfect tools for web designers, small businesses, online stores, or anyone else looking for a comprehensive set of website widgets and plugins. Add free website plugins to WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Facebook, or any other CMS/site-builder. Plus, these mobile responsive plugins are fully responsive, so they’ll look good on any device. POWr Plugins are the best tools for your website. No more designers. No more code. Just pure unadulterated POWr.

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