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Free Digital Downloads: The Best Rated Digital Download App

Why POWR Easy Digital Downloads?

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Why POWR Digital Download for your website?

Add Products to Your Blog

61% of online consumers in the United States have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

boost conversions
Everyone Makes Purchases Online

93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online.

save time
Personalized Design = More Sales

In the last year, businesses have lost $756 billion because of poor eCommerce personalization.

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

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Easily Sell Online

Seamless Customer Buying Experience

Create an integrated online store, shopping cart, and checkout that you can embed anywhere on your website.

Add Product Information

Add different products, descriptions, product images, product options and prices so your customers can select size, quantity and add custom instructions at checkout.

Set Up Different Payment Types

Easily accept one-time payments or subscription payments for digital products, memberships or services in 25 different currencies.

Sell Physical Products or Digital Downloads

You can sell physical products, or upload a file that your customer will receive by email as a digital download once they’ve completed checkout.

Advanced Customization

Set Shipping and Tax Costs

Add custom tax and shipping costs that are calculated at checkout.

Redirect After Payment

Redirect your customer to a new page after payment to increase conversions.

Hide Out of Stock Products

Easily hide products that are out of stock with a quick toggle that you can edit on the go.

Match Your Brand

eCommerce has a flexible design so you can choose your app size, colors, background, borders, text, fonts and button design.


Email notifications

Set up email notifications for new submissions.

Keep Track of Purchases

POWR eCommerce gives you access to a sales dashboard to easily keep track of what your customers purchase

POWRful Integrations


Accept secure online payments through PayPal.


Use Stripe to easily collect credit card payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Offering Free Digital Downloads?

You must be wondering why you should even consider handing out free digital content when you can instead sell and gain profit from the downloads. We're here to tell you that giving free content online is one of the best marketing strategies that you can utilize. Offering free and easy digital downloads fosters brand affinity and credibility. With excellent digital downloads, page visitors can be enticed to join your email list, allowing you to convert subscribers to loyal customers.

Whenever you create a free and easy digital download, you’re also generating a lead magnet for your store. A lead magnet is any offer, usually a resource in the form of a digital download, that you provide your users in exchange for their information. A free download is a perfect way to reach potential customers and gain their brand loyalty.

Will It Improve My Business's Credibility?

A significant advantage of providing exciting and valuable content that can be downloaded is that you gain your viewer's trust, strengthening your business's digital presence and credibility. You can establish and display your expertise in your chosen field through relevant, informative, and accessible digital downloads.

Aside from credibility, easy digital downloads encourage viewers to visit your page to find more information about topics you share.

Once you gain popularity through innovative and sincere free download content, you can establish yourself as a credible resource or authority. An ideal way to build your digital presence is to give out free content that is innovative, relevant, engaging, and valuable in an easy-to-download format.

Will It Help Grow My Target Audience?

Don't you just love freebies? Well, your audience loves free and easy digital downloads too! Hence, you must provide something that will stir their interest so that they'll keep coming back to your site for more content that they can download./p>

Following this, your subscribers will start sharing your content with their families, colleagues, and other social circles, which, in turn, will start downloading the content and generate additional site visits and drive traffic to your website.

To redirect more people to your website, be mindful to include your brand or website URL on all your free digital content that consumers download.

Can It Translate Into Increased Profit For My Business?

As mentioned earlier, providing valuable content helps you grow a faithful following and establish your email list. If you successfully trigger your viewers' interest and win their trust, they are sure to subscribe to your content. Acquiring a significant amount of email subscriptions through downloads is a sure way of generating revenue once you start offering digital products on your website.

By the time you’re set to offer services or sell products online, you’ll already have loyal subscribers who have placed their faith in your brand. You can successfully and efficiently establish your authority with perfect timing and strategic content in the form of digital downloads.

What Digital Products Should I Offer?

Digital products are intangible assets or media pieces that can be sold and issued repeatedly online.

These products usually come as downloadable digital files. Consumers enter their basic information, such as name and email address, to gain access to the download.

Some commonly offered digital products include music and art, educational products, licenses to use your digital assets, membership sites, digital tools, and other services.

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I really needed a customizable ecommerce app for my store and this was here for me

I honestly am so glad this exists otherwise I would have had to make my website on another platform!

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Easy and quick to use!

I needed an app that would allow me to offer free digital downloads to my customers and wanted to keep the cost down. It was easy to get my products online and the pricing structure is much more favorable for my usage than other apps.

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