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Free Contact Us Plugin: The Best Rated Contact Form Widget

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Why POWR Contact Us for your website?

Close Sales 3x Faster

By creating quality forms your organization will not only save time collecting customer info but you will also save time responding to customer inquiries and messages.

boost conversions
Boost Conversions up to 300%

With well-designed, multi-step forms with conditional logic that are easier for your visitors to finish than their morning coffee.

save time
Save 50% Organizational Time

You'll have fewer manual data exports, with automatic data syncs to Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more. So you sit back, relax, and hit that snooze button!

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

Lisa Hardy

@ Good World Graphics

Advanced Customization

Rich Form Elements

From dropdowns, multiple-choice, star ratings, file uploads, emoji feedback, picture choice, and more.

Multi-page Forms

Great for surveys or long forms to make them more user-friendly.

Post-Submission Options

Redirect customers to a thank you page, show a custom message, display results publicly, or hide the form.

Conditional Logic

Show or hide certain questions based on a customer's previous response.

Easily Accept Payments

One-time payments‎

Private and secure one-time payments


Accept monthly recurring payments


One-time or recurring donations

Create discount codes‎

Build loyalty with discount codes at checkout


Email Notifications‎

Set up email notifications for new form submissions.

Abandoned Cart‎

Set up email notifications for abandoned carts - you'll get them if a user submits your form but doesn't complete payment.

Autoresponder Emails‎

Set up branded and conditional autoresponder emails for your customers that send after they submit your form.

POWRful Integrations


Automatically import new contacts to your email lists.


Connect to thousands of apps to set up powerful automations that save you time.

Google Sheets

Automatically sync new form responses in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a Contact Us widget to WordPress?

Adding a Contact Us plugin or widget to your website has never been easier! Just follow these seven easy steps for seamless Contact Us plugin integration into your web page:

  1. Go to the POWR signup page and start for free. Simply log in if you already have an existing account.
  2. Install and Activate POWR plug-ins on your Content Management System, in this case, WordPress.
  3. Select the page you'd like to add your plug-in to.
  4. On the left side of the page, search for and select "Contact Form".
  5. Click the "Edit" button above the plug-in. This will open the POWR editor, where you can customize your Contact form completely.
  6. Once you've finalized your contact form design, publish your page.
  7. Select "View Page," where you'll be able to see the "Edit" button above the Contact form so that you can edit it live on your site without having to go to your WordPress dashboard.
Why have a Contact Us widget on your website?

Your Contact Us page is arguably the most useful page on your website. In fact, for many companies, it's usually one of their most-visited site pages. Installing a plugin or widget where you can display your contact information allows customers to get in touch with your company. It allows for various contact methods for prospective customers and is quite easy to locate.

In most cases, a Contact Us page should display your company's phone number, address, map, and Contact Form, allowing for lead generation. When you install contact information widgets, it will allow potential customers to call you, physically visit your store (with directions readily available to them), and provide a way for them to email any queries or orders to your company instantly.

Note that you should design or customize your Contact Us form, page, and website according to your company's branding and image.

Having a Contact Us form on your website helps you eliminate spam messages. It also allows you to grow your email list grow your email list by providing users with a seamless and efficient way to sign up and, as a result, drive sales growth. Furthermore, it allows you to collect specific client information and gather post-sales feedback. Contact forms are a surefire way to promote faster and open communication, and lastly, make your website look way more professional, whether it is built on Wordpress or another site.

What makes a good support and contact form?

Most experts say that creating an efficient contact form only requires two fields: one for a name and one for a contact number or email. However, it also requires a specific call-to-action or CTA, which could ask site visitors to visit a page or contact help support, among many others.

A good contact form is also one that is strategically placed in the marketing funnel. For instance, forms placed at the top of the funnel are known to generate more leads, while forms placed at the end of the funnel are usually longer and are expected to drive more sales, as this is when the purchase occurs.

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Branded Fruit has cut 50% of the time spent responding to inquiries by using POWR Form Builder

We also now save 10 hours of organizational time per week by using Zapier to automatically sync form responses with Airtable and Slack.

Danielle Baskin, Founder, Branded Fruit

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POWR Form Builder has been such a tremendous asset on our website over the past year

They have helped us respond to inquiries 75% faster by reducing the time spent on follow up. We also used POWR to create a petition [to protect valuable farmland] and we've received over 15,000 submissions so far!

Brandon Cepeda, Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm

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