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Embed A Multi Slider Joomla Extension on Your Website

Add a Joomla Multi Slider extension to your website without coding or headaches.

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You've made great strides in developing your business online by starting a Joomla website. Congrats!

Your work isn't done yet though! Now it's time to attract and engage visitors and convert them into customers. You're competing against business both large and small, vying for the limited attention of website visitors and future customers. People are overwhelmed online with advertising, social media, and many other things. How will you gain customers online?

Add Multi Slider to Joomla

Web professionals often recommend the Joomla Multi Slider extension as the most practical practice to drive online engagement, get more leads, and increase sales.

Add Multi Slider to Joomla

People often ask a 'techie' friend to develop Multi Slider for them or hire a 'web guy' that one of their friends has referred.

Others look overseas or for cheap open source alternatives for Multi Slider.

These seemingly cheap approaches result in a poor quality Multi Slider for their joomla site because they often offer little, if any, support and require some coding knowledge. One thing that often gets missed is the Multi Slider isn't truly made to be responsive, even if it claims to be. This means that while it might look alright on your website on a desktop computer, it can appear distorted or may not even appear at all if someone visits your site from a tablet or a mobile phone.

Furthermore, customizing these apps generally requires coding knowledge or another designer to update it for you, actually costing you more time and money overall.

In a world where sites are often exploited by scammers, many of these apps aren't built with security in mind, which could take your site down, or worse, turn your customers information over to malicious hackers.

Not to mention making sure your Multi Slider can handle any increases in traffic that might occur, which could overtime cause an increase in load time and display issues with your Multi Slider. Could you imagine having a surge in traffic to your joomla site but your visitors not able to see or make use of your Multi Slider?

Add Multi Slider to Joomla

As you can see, as web technoligies evolve, hiring a 'web guy' or using other other custom homegrown solutions to Multi Slider Extension to your joomla site would only become time consuming and expensive.

This is why POWR's Multi Slider is the reliable solution for top businesses.

Firstly, POWR's Multi Slider is simple to set up without using any code. The POWR editor gives you the ability to make fast and live updates to your Multi Slider Extension.

Easily Customizable

Fonts, colors, spacing, borders and so much more can be personalized with a few simple clicks.

Mobile Responsive

Your Multi Slider will then automatically work correctly from no matter what device your visitors are viewing your Joomla site.

No Coding Required

Paste it directly on your Joomla website

Support feature

POWR supports high-volume sites and prioritizes security of all 60 + POWR Extensions to keep any malicious players at bay.

security feature

Any urgent question you have can be answered by searching POWR's help center or reaching out to our customer support, which is available 24/7.

Our Multi Slider comes with a team of expert engineers that work constantly for you, making sure your Multi Slider is always working flawlessly.

Embedding a Multi Slider app onto your Joomla site has never been easier

Create your customized Multi Slider Joomla app, match your website's style and colors, and add Multi Slider to your Joomla page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

Create your Multi Slider
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POWR also has great, proven results. Even more, case studies have demonstrated that POWR Multi Slider boosts conversions by a whopping 30%!

Trusted by Millions

We deliver quality, with over 12,387 reviews to prove it.


Multi Slider Installations



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4 stars


Easy to navigate for a non-tech person like me. Tried so many apps, and this is the best combination of great features for any shop.

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market on Form Builder

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4 stars

This app was seamless

It helped me get my website traffic to engage on more platforms! I would highly recommended to anyone!

C.G. Harrison & Co on Instagram Feed

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5 stars

I am really enjoying this app so far

I was surprised that Shopify didn`t have a built in function for something like this, but glad your app fits the bill.

UL Press on Photo Gallery


If you still don't believe us, we're certain you'll be convinced by Rbia Shades. Rbia Shades make awesome sustainable wooden sunglasses that are not only stylish, but also give back by planting one new tree for every pair sold.

Add Multi Slider to Joomla

They were looking for a way to collect email sign ups effectively on their website and got started with POWR Popup. Fast forward 8 months and they're collecting 250% more email contacts compared with before they used POWR on their site.

Once they started seeing success with POWR Popup, they realized that there was a whole suite of solutions they could use. They soon embedded Instagram Feed on their website to display pictures from social media. They noticed that their website visitors who interacted with their Instagram Feed spent 100% more time on their site and saw a consistent increase in Instagram followers.

Add Multi Slider to Joomla
250% growth in contacts
Increase social media followers to over 6,000
Visitors spent 2.5x longer on their site
Do you build multiple websites for clients?

POWR's solutions will help you too. Given they can be embedded on any website, including Joomla, you can rest assured your solutions will work for all your clients. Agencies like New Zealand-based OnDesign have saved hundreds of hours by using POWR's solutions to embed forms, social media icons, popups and pricing tables on client websites. What's more, with 100% uptime they trust they can rely on POWR to power their business.

With one account you'll find everything you need in one place.

Whether it's an online form builder to collect sign ups, a pop up to reduce cart abandonment, an image slider to show off your latest products, or a countdown timer to get people excited about your upcoming sale.

Apps for Lead Generation

If you're not sure where to get started, we suggest taking a look at lead collection. Collecting contact information from your website visitors is an important way to start building out your sales funnel. While you might be getting consumers to your website, it's vital that you're able to get them to take action. Once you have their contact information you can start to qualify them and move them along in your sales process to start completing more sales, faster. A great way of getting started is with an online contact form.

POWR Form Builder
With POWR Form Builder you can create and embed professional online forms onto your Joomla site. You'll find some templates to help get you started and then you can easily edit the content and design of your form on click. Whether you need a product registration form, a brand ambassador form, an email sign up form, or a billing form, you'll be able to build it in minutes. These powerful forms come with conditional logic and integrations with Mailchimp, Google Sheets, PayPal, Stripe and Zapier. Want to learn more about POWR Form Builder for Joomla? Check out more here.
POWR Popup
Start collecting more contacts using POWR Popup. Select your starting template and you can create a coupon popup, newsletter or email sign up popup, and much more. Use Popup to recover abandoned carts by creating an exit intent popup that shows a coupon code that your customer can use to get a discount when they checkout. POWR Popup has powerful integrations with Mailchimp and Zapier designed to save you time and automate your workflow. Learn more about POWR Popup for Joomla here.
POWR Facebook Chat
Reduce blocks to purchase and ease customer frustration with live chat via Facebook Messenger. You customers can connect with you in real time directly from your website with POWR Facebook Chat. Simply customize your Facebook Chat app with your own welcome message, add your avatar and choose your favored colors and chat icon. You can embed it anywhere on your Joomla website and your customers can get in touch by clicking on the widget and launching a chat.

POWR's solutions have helped small businesses collect 2x more leads on their website and save over 10 hours per week of organizational time. Florida fruit stand and farm, Robert Is Here, grew to over $250,000 in one year once they took their business online with the help of POWR.

Apps to Increase Conversions

Once you've effectively started collecting your website visitors' contact information, you'll want to make sure you can convert them into paying customers. The great news is POWR has several solutions to help you do just that and maximize your joomla website conversion rate.

POWR Countdown Timer
POWR Countdown Timer is the perfect solution for reducing cart abandonment and driving more sales. It's effective because it creates a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) that can boost conversions up to 300%. You can display your countdown timer with a custom message during or after the count, add a button to your product page, or show it at checkout. Select your preferred colors, fonts, animation style, and more. You can reset the timer per visitor, or show the same countdown for everyone. This versatile solution can even be used to count up, a great solution for showing how many people are looking at or have purchased an item. Learn more about POWR Countdown Timer for Joomla here.

POWR Social Feed
Display a live stream of your social media content in an attractive gallery on your website. It's the perfect way to get your website visitors engaged with your brand and to display valuable social proof from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube (and more). Get your customers taking action by displaying photos from your account or follow customer hashtags. Choose your preferred layout style and use automatic image cropping to get your feed looking exactly as you want it. Learn more about POWR Social Feed for Joomla here.
POWR Testimonial Slider
Give your website visitors the final nudge they need to complete their purchase with POWR Testimonial Slider. It's the simple way of displaying happy customer quotes in a simple, sliding banner on your Joomla website. Social proof is an essential part of the sales funnel, helping to boost trust in your brand and products. Create your slideshow of happy customer or client quotes, add an image and update your preferred background color. Adjust your slide speed and embed it anywhere on your Joomla site within minutes. Learn more about POWR Testimonial Slider for Joomla here.

Join businesses big and small, like Allbirds, Acer, Staples, Estée Lauder, Airbus, Chick-fil-A, Buddha Pants and Michele's Granola, and try POWR today!

About POWR

At POWR our mission is to empower small businesses with easy-to-use, affordable and customizable solutions to help them grow online. We have a full suite of apps that integrate with over 70 different platforms, including joomla. Simply select your first app, customize, hit publish and create your account to install your app. With simple tutorial steps no matter which website builder you're using, you'll be up and running in minutes. The best part is POWR expands as your business grows. Get started for free and only pay for what you need.

Add Multi Slider to Joomla