Embed A Donate Now Popup App to a Blogspot Website

Steps on adding Donate Now Popup to Blogspot in minutes with no coding and no help from a developer.

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Steps to Add a Donate Now Popup App on a Blogspot Site

Create your customized Donate Now Popup app, match your website's style and colors, and add Donate Now Popup to your Blogspot page, post, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on your site.

How To Add a Donate Now Popup App on Blogspot:

  1. Create a Free Donate Now Popup App

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  2. Copy Code

    Your code block will be available once you create your app

  3. Edit Page/Post

    1. Click on the Page or Post where you would like to add POWR Donate Now Popup
    2. Once there, toggle on HTML mode in the Blogger editor.
  4. Paste Code

    1. Paste the HTML code provided in Step 2 onto the page where Donate Now Popup should appear
    2. Click Save Note: Donate Now Popup will not be visible in the Blogger editor. Please see next step.
  5. View POWR Donate Now Popup

    To view POWR Donate Now Popup, click Preview or publish and visit the live page. Note: The blue Edit icon seen above Donate Now Popup will only be visible to you as the plugin owner.

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If you have your Blogspot website working, you’ve tackled the biggest challenge in building an online presence. Way to go!

But next comes the hard part: how can you entice, captivate, turn, and support more visitors?

Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
Add Donate Now Popup to Blogspot

Now You Have To Make Your Elements Unique

Some may first take a stab at to DIY a Donate Now Popup app or 'knows a guy' that can build one in 'no time'.

Others attempt to find open source Donate Now Popup apps, or foreign companies that claim to offer Donate Now Popup apps at rock-bottom prices.

Reduce Time Spent by Half With POWR

And it takes lots of time to customize and update a Donate Now Popup app, which will create more complications.

But, if you haven't built a strong security system, your site could be prone to hacking and other security issues. We thought of that!

Add Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
Support feature

All POWR apps are built to scale with your business on Blogspot, so we offer the most advanced security features and high-volume capabilities on the market to keep your customers (and you) safe.

security feature
POWR provides 24/7 customer support and a dedicated Help Center, so someone is always there to answer all your questions!

Furthermore, our team of incredible engineers work nonstop to keep POWR apps like your Blogspot Donate Now Popup up and running for you.

CASE STUDY: POWR put Rbia Shades on the success track

After much success locally, Rbia needed a way to collect emails effectively on their brand-new website.

Their website provider did not have what they were looking for, so the search was on. After doing their research, they believed POWR was what they needed.

Shortly after signing on with POWR, Rbia’s first step was to install a popup. They increased their contacts by over 250% (over 600 real contacts).

Soon after, they added our Social Feed app and grew their social media following to over 6000.

Next, they added a Media Slider as a visual way to quickly show their products to new site visitors as they entered their homepage to show how the accessories looked in real life. It showcases their products well and gave customers a great on-site experience.

In fact, they quickly found that visitors who interacted with POWR apps on their site stayed engaged 2.5 times longer than ever before.

Add Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
250% growth in contacts
Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
Up 2x in engagement
Donate Now Popup to Blogspot
2x time on site

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