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Why POWR Counter for your website?

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Close 4x More Sales

By creating a sense of urgency that closes sales with a countdown to a product release, sale, or launch event.

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Reduce Time to Sale by 50%

90% of the information that our brain processes is visual. A countdown timer is the easy way to use visual urgency to drive purchase action!

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Decrease Bounce Rate by 20%

Watching the countdown clock motivates customers to learn more and make a purchase before it is too late

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

Lisa Hardy

@ Good World Graphics

Counters to Drive Action

Count Down or Count Up

Message During and After Count

Custom Layouts

Advanced Countdown App Customization

Easy-to-Use Templates

Engaging Animations

Custom Time Display

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I really like the ease of creating and adding Timers to my product pages

One feature I think is great is that you have the ability to copy the code and have direct placement wherever you need it to be in your theme.

NurdBuy, Computers and Laptops

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5 stars rating

Easy and quick to use!

I managed to add a countdown in my page in only 5 minutes. No experience or knowledge required to use this app!

Dream Lab E-Commerce

Works With Any Website

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