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Weebly Does It: The Basics, The Benefits and Some POWr Tips

Published: | Updated: | By Mara Certic

So you want to build a website – where to start? There are dozens of easy-to-use, attractive site builders out there, and they’re all good for different things. The Big Blog for Small Business will be taking a look at different platforms to show you how they work, what they do best, and how to incorporate POWr plugins onto whichever site builder or CMS you use.

This month, we’re looking at Weebly, a site builder that celebrates its 10th birthday next year. Weebly was founded by a group of students trying to come up with an easy site-builder that anyone could use. Almost a decade later, it’s one of the most popular drag-and-drop builders out there. Weebly helps get you started with a range of attractive, intuitive, customizable themes. These give you a great starting point, and are flexible enough to create beautiful, unique websites, blogs and online stores.

Around six months ago, Weebly launched its very own app market, making it remarkably simple to add third-party tools to your website. You can now incorporate dozens of outside apps right into your Weebly editor.

Weebly’s layout templates give you a solid foundation, which you can then customize to suit your specific needs. Say you want to add POWr Comments to a page. Start off by visiting the Weebly App Center, and search for “POWr”. Find the POWr Comments app, and a click the big blue Add button. Once you’ve added the widget and connected it to your website, it’ll be accessible from the Weebly editor along with your other Elements.

Then, simply drag and drop the Comments widget onto your page editor. Double click the widget to open the POWr Editor, then customize your Comments section to fit your site. Certain other POWr plugins may need you to connect an email, PayPal or social media account during set up. But again, this can all be done right in the POWr Editor. Then use the editor’s Content menu to add unique content and information, and the Design menu to customize the aesthetics of your plugin. Weebly’s dynamic desktop and mobile views make the entire process a breeze, with no need to leave your Weebly editor at any time.

Even beyond their new App Center, Weebly continues to add new features and tools to make life easier for their users. Last month they unveiled Weebly Promote, an in-house email marketing system that allows users to create and send professional marketing emails. Weekly Promote syncs directly with the Weebly site builder, and can import contacts from your email host or from MailChimp. If you’re looking to build connection with your visitors, it now takes just a few minutes to set up a full-fledged user funnel. Collect visitor info with a POWr Form from the Weebly App Center. Connect the form to a MailChimp account to manage your email list. Then use Weebly Promote to fire off fun, eye-catching emails to your entire user base. Once again, Weebly is making it easy for anyone to own their own corner of the web.

Weebly is going on the road next month when its Like a Boss bus tour kicks off in Nashville, Tennessee. The Weebly bus will travel to nine cities in the Southeast in 10 days, putting on workshops and providing one-on-one support in order to help thousands of small businesses set up a website or online store.

So if you’re building a new website, consider checking out Weebly. It’s a powerful, well integrated site-builder with over 30 million users worldwide. They offer a professional support center, dedicated phone lines, and a great inspiration center filled with expert advice on design, marketing and content. Happy creating!