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Using Urgency To Drive Sales and Conversions

Published: | Updated: | By Mara Certic

''If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.''

– Rita Mae Brown, American writer and activist.

Let's face it: Time is always of the essence. So why is it that despite our best intentions, our better judgment, and the advice our mothers, we so often leave things undone until the eleventh hour? There’s nothing like a touch of panic to get people motivated.

Creating this sense of urgency is a proven way to drive sales and grow a business. One entrepreneur found the impression of urgency and scarcity increased sales by 332%. And luckily, there are simple ways to apply this to your own website.

There are different ways to turn up the pressure. Using words like “now” or “today” in a headline can double or even triple clicks and conversions. But another tool to keep in mind is a good old-fashioned ticking clock.

Lots of online stores use web-based timers to highlight the need to act quickly and provide an emotional deadline. This encourages visitors to order now, and not wait until later.

If you’re interested in upping conversions, check out POWr’s easy-to-use countdown widget. All you have to do is enter the date to count down to or up from, customize the design of your free countdown timer and you’re done. Here are nine easy ways to leverage a countdown on your site.

1. Under Construction

When you’re waiting for your website to be finished or upgraded, it’s a good idea to let your visitors know when it’ll be up and running. A countdown app on your “under construction” page is a simple way to let visitors know exactly when to check in again.

2. Flash Sale

Many successful online stores have begun offering limited-time discounts to nudge shoppers off of the fence and into a purchase. A ticking clock or imminent deadline can encourage shoppers take advantage of sales and discounts in the moment. You can use POWr Countdown Timer along with the popup and eCommerce widgets to create an easy flash sale. Learn how to use POWr Popup here.

3. Countdown to a wedding

Couples getting ready to tie the knot often create a “wedsite”with all their relevant wedding information. In recent years several wedding-specific site builders have popped up, including Wedding JoJo, eWedding and The Knot. Putting a countdown timer on your wedsite’s home page, like this Brazilian couple did, will ensure your guests have marked their calendars correctly and won’t miss your big day. Also, all POWr plugins are compatible with other languages, so you can make your days dias, jours or giorni.

4. Digital Downloads

If you sell files, digital downloads, or host webinars, it’s nice to let customers know when to expect something new. Put a countdown clock on your downloads page to build anticipation among your customers. And don’t even worry about taking it down once you’ve reached your target date. The POWr Countdown Timer has premium features that allow you to make any number of “After Count” decisions. This means you can hide the timer when it’s done counting, or you can choose to display something new as soon as the timer hits zero, such as a link, a PayPal button, or entirely new content.

5. Countdown to an Event

Organizing an event? Use a countdown timer on your info page to make sure participants are in the loop. Visually reminding visitors how much time they have to prepare for a sporting event, gala or concert can keep them motivated and up to speed.

6. Application Deadlines

There are few things more frustrating than spending ages filling out an intricate application only to discover you’ve missed the deadline. Make sure that never happens to your visitors again by embedding an online timer next to the application form. Or, if you'd like to guarantee that all visitors to your site are aware of the due date, consider adding a timer to a popup.

7. Opening Night

Are you trying to build excitement around an upcoming show or exhibition? Include a timer app on your website so visitors know precisely when to expect opening night. Put the countdown on the page where you sell tickets, and sit back and watch your sales increase.

8. Counting Up

One cool thing about our timer is that you can also use it to count up from events. If you want to keep track of how long it’s been since an event has taken place -- a sporting event, a natural disaster, a cultural phenomenon -- just plug in the date that it took place and select Count Up in the Counting menu. You'll be on your way to keep tracking of times past.

9. Count Over Time

The countdown timer can also be used to count events that take place over a period of time. For example, if you know a plant’s rate of growth, you can keep track of how fast it’s growing over time. Just choose to count up to a number, rather than a date, fill in details frequency, and you’re done!

Do you use any countdown timer apps on your website? Let us know how in the comments.