Web Plugins Explained
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So, What's a Plugin Anyway?

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

If you’re a new small businesses owner just starting to develop your website, you may have heard the term plugin thrown around in blogs, discussion forums, or by people in your professional network. You’re likely wondering: What are these magical plugins I’m hearing so much about? Why are they important for my website? Where do I find these mystical tools? Have no fear, POWr is here to light the way!


Sure wish someone would explain what these mysterious plugins are 🤔


What are plugins?

Plugins are tools you can use to optimize the functionality of your website. If you find that you need more from your site than its standard features, plugins are a great option. Here are two analogies to help you better understand the value of plugins:

Analogy 1: When you purchase a new phone, you have basic features--you can make phone calls, text, etc. You may decide you want more from your phone than the generic offerings, so you’d go to an app store and purchase apps that enhance your experience and increase the functionality of your phone. Some popular examples are: social media apps, games and fitness trackers. These apps take your phone to another level by increasing its capabilities. Similarly, plugins optimize your website and enable you to create a fantastic user experience.

Analogy 2: If, like me, you’re a fan of all things ice cream, you may find yourself frequenting ice cream parlors. Think of ice cream as your website. You can purchase a scoop of plain ice cream, but if, also like me, you want more out of this experience, you can choose from a variety of toppings. You have a plethora of options to create the ultimate ice cream experience, and each topping offers you something different. Plugins are similar! You may find that your website on its own doesn’t accomplish what you need it to, that’s where plugins come in handy. It comes down to finding the right plugin(s) that work for your website.


Yes, of course I want blueberries, leaves and flowers on my ice cream--beautiful and delicious🍦

Why are they important for my website?

Plugins are important because they add versatility and functionality to your site you wouldn’t otherwise have. From communication, to promotion, to increasing conversions and boosting sales--they play an invaluable role. The best plugins are fully customizable as well as easy to install and interact with. They should make your life easier and help propel your business toward success.

For instance, if you want to collect feedback from customers about how they’re experiencing your site or products, there are survey plugins that allow you to do just that! Or, perhaps you want to create a sense of community on your website, social feed plugins are an excellent solution. If you have a big sale coming up, but your site’s platform doesn’t have a means for you to effectively communicate this to your customers, you can utilize popup, image slider or countdown timer plugins  to accomplish this in a way that fits with your brand and can be easily seen by customers. Plugins are also great for helping you build your client database. Form builder and contact form plugins are excellent for collecting customer data and making it easily accessible to you.  


Got it. Versatile and...functional 🤸‍🏋️


Where can I find them?

Funny you should ask. POWr has the largest plugin library available! Every single one of our plugins are fully customizable, support text in any language, and are mobile responsive on any device! Did I mention that you can use each of our plugins for free?


I think this is the way to the plugin store--should have asked for directions 😑


Are you brimming with excitement? Can you hardly wait to use these magical plugins and get your website working in ways you only dreamed about? Excellent, then my job is done.