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Showcase Your Content With POWr Media Gallery

Published: | Updated: | By Mara Certic

So you’ve started a website – you set up your mailing list, you added all of your contact information and you connected your social media accounts. But how are you going to show off your content? Studies show that approximately 65% of the population describe themselves as visual learners. How are you going to leverage this? How are you going to deliver visual content to the public? You could use sliders to show off your images and videos (check out this post for more information on the best ways to use sliders). Or set a hi-res image as your site's background. Or setup a video backgrounds, now easily accomplished on many popular site builders. But sometimes it’s worth considering the classic - a simple, elegant gallery. Whether you're showcasing a number of images, collecting videos, or creating a catalogue of your work, a tile-style gallery packs tons of visual information into a single page. It lets you market your products, brand, or services directly to the viewer's visual cortex. This is one reason why it’s so important to use beautiful, high-resolution images (read through this guide to JPEG optimization for the web to make sure your pictures look their best.) Galleries also help your customers build connection a connection or envision owning your product themselves.

But where to start? At this point, practically every site builder has the basic capacity to create a gallery – these differ from platform to platform, but are typically a functional and ease-to-use solution. That said, most built in tools lack the features and customization you're probably looking for. That’s why there’s POWr Media Gallery. Like all of our plugins, Media Gallery is very easily adapted and edited to suit your specific needs and to match your individual aesthetic. POWr plugins can be added to pages made by all major site builders, so you never have to learn how to make another gallery again. And Media Gallery is pretty powerful. Not only can you use it to showcase images, gifs, and videos, but you can also show off blogs and articles in a block-style gallery, by adding both images and text to an entry.

And it’s really easy to use! When you create your gallery, begin by uploading some content. You can include a title, and any combination of images, videos, text, subtitles, buttons, links, files, and dates. You even have the ability to receive payments from within your gallery, effectively creating a miniature online store. Upgrade to Premium to add a lightbox effect to your gallery, or to enable your visitors to find specific content with a built-in search.

Once you’ve added all of the information you want to include, go to the Design Tab where you can play with the size and layout of your plugin, adjust colors, sizing, and fonts. Then save, and that’s it! POWr Media Gallery is beautifully responsive, and automatically adjusts to look good on any device. And the broad range of options means you can use POWr Media Gallery again and again for an infinite number of different purposes.

Small businesses everywhere have realized the importance of visual communication, grounded in bold images and video. Including specific product information, and high-quality photos of what you do or sell is a great way to ensure that browsing customers find what you have to offer. Focus on showing off your best work, like LAND Leather. They feature their collections in a POWr gallery where they include the ability to share on social media, and, where possible, links to buy the leather products directly.

Business owners today understand that in this cutthroat global economy, a brand persona and strong brand image are crucial to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. The Shop, in Laguna Beach, CA, describes itself as being for the “fashionable beach girl,” and they show this off with POWr Media Gallery, displaying look book images right on their home page. By including more than just pictures of their products, they’re selling more than just clothes, they’re selling a lifestyle.

Because it’s mobile responsive and really easy to edit, this gallery plugin is a great way to display a images of an unusual size or shape. Designer Yigal Azrouël uses POWr Media Gallery to display long catwalk pictures of his Spring 2016 line. The pictures are all the same size and perfectly uniform, so there is nothing to distract you from the strutting models in monochrome.

The crafting tool “Quill On” includes a few step-by-step DIY tutorials for visitors looking for inspiration and trending projects. They use POWr Media Gallery to explain each step of the project using images and simple instructions, so there’s no confusion and crafting can continue stress-free.

Remember our gallery isn’t just for stills – you can include any public video that’s on Vimeo or YouTube. Simply choose to add a video, copy and paste the URL and you’ve got a miniature movie gallery ready to go. You can also decide whether or not you want to show the video’s title, or the playback controls. Director Trish Sie shows off her genius music video work using POWr Media Gallery – including nothing more than the videos, their titles, and the ability to share them to a number of social media platforms.

And don’t forget that if you want to add even more features to your POWr plugin, you can always upgrade to Premium and add custom HTML or CSS. Canadian Store Kanahta upgraded their beautifully curated gallery to include a very clean hover effect, adding titles and links to each of the images. Do you use POWr Media Gallery? Please let us know how in the comments! We'd love to see what you're working on.