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Sell More This Holiday Season with our Updated PayPal Button & eCommerce Plugins!

Published: | Updated: | By Pilar Sterne

At POWr, our primary mission is to help small businesses grow. To help you make more sales this Holiday Season, we redesigned the checkout experience in our PayPal Button and eCommerce plugins.

Why Checkout Optimizations Matter

It's no secret that potential customers like to abandon the checkout process right before clicking the all-important final "Buy" button. Up to 80% of potential buyers will leave your site before they've completed the checkout process. With a few tweaks to the look and flow of your checkout, you can significantly increase the conversion rate for your checkout. Since we just saw great success with the updates we made to our own checkout pages on, we’ve gone ahead and applied what we learned to the checkout in our PayPal Button and eCommerce plugins.

Here's what's new:

1. Cut Back On the Number of Payment Steps

You as the merchant decide which information to collect from your buyers. Don't require a shipping address from your buyers? We'll skip that step. Not currently offering any promo codes in the checkout? We won't show the input field in the checkout (it could prevent users from completing their purchase).

If you do require additional details from your buyers - such as custom order instructions, address, quantity - remember to toggle on the appropriate settings in your PayPal Button or eCommerce Editor. If you have all extra settings toggled off, your customers will be sent straight to the PayPal checkout page, without being asked to enter any payment details in the POWr modal.

2. Better Mobile-Responsiveness

In 2017, the estimated transaction volume for purchases made from mobile devices is estimated to surpass the desktop volume for the first time ever. Naturally, mobile-friendliness was a big factor in the redesign of the checkout flow in our PayPal Button and eCommerce plugins. The new flow is optimized for desktop and mobile, and you should see the number of completed transactions via mobile devices increase as a result.

3. Cleaner UI For More Trust

We have updated all icons, buttons, and credit card images and are using the standard components people know and trust. This helps buyers be sure that they are purchasing from a legitimate seller. The updated UI is clean and straightforward and is designed to get your customers through the checkout process in no time.

We're excited to launch these updates and see your holiday sales go through the roof!

Any questions? Our support team is happy to help.