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POWr Support: How To Find The Help You Need

Published: | Updated: | By Mara Certic

At POWr, we strive to make simple, hassle-free plugins that you can create and customize without ever having to look for extra assistance. But on the odd occasion that you need a little bit more help, we have a lot of resources that can answer your questions, give you a leg up, and maybe even inspire you to try something new.

There are different places to go, depending on what it is exactly you’re looking for. But in general, a good first place to check out when you have any POWr-related questions is our Knowledge Base. Here, you can find articles on virtually every aspect of POWr – from how to set up payments and customize different plugins to platform-specific queries and in-detail explanations. And it’s easy to navigate: the knowledge base is segmented into six different categories, for your searching pleasure: Getting Started, Account/Billing, Plugin Issues, Platform Issues, POWr Support and Other. And, of course, there’s always the search bar, where you can enter the specific query you have.

But the Knowledge Base is more than just a beautiful database of instructions, tips and support – it’s also one of the ways we decide what we’re going to build next. See, in addition to the articles, there are also places in the Knowledge Base where anyone with a POWr Account can suggest or vote for features or plugins they’d like to see in POWr’s toolbox. And we actually listen to what you have to say! A couple of months ago, we rolled out conditional logic for our forms – a feature that was first requested by a user in our knowledge base. We want to make your life easier – and if you can tell us how, we can get started sooner. If someone has already suggested the feature you had in mind, vote for it! We prioritize the ideas with the most votes in their favor.

If you need help getting started, keep getting stuck on a step or just want to know a little more about the installation process before you get editing, then check out our different tutorials. On our website, we have specific tutorials for how to install each and every one of our plugins on all our partner platforms. Each tutorial has a step-by-step explanation of how to get your widget right on your website – and some of them even have informational videos that go with them. You can also check out our YouTube channel, and make sure to like us on Facebook for daily tips about POWr and your small business. And we design all of our plugins the same way, so once you’ve installed one you’ll have no trouble filling your page with POWr.

If you’re more in need of some inspiration or persuasion to go ahead with your plugin-building plans, look no further than right here, the Big Blog for Small Business. If you look through our past articles, you’ll find we often give in depth instructions on how to use our various plugins for different outcomes – and we’ll also ply you with inspiration of how real life POWr users get their plugins to do the work for them. And if there’s a blog post you’d like to read that we haven’t written yet, please let us know in the comments! We love to write what you want to read, so tell us what you're curious about.

And last, but very obviously not least, if you really need help you can always get in touch with our wonderful support team. As we grow as a business, we make sure to bring on enough members of the support team to keep you building your websites as seamlessly as possible. Whenever you encounter a problem on POWr, you should feel free to send an email over to a member of the support team, who are always happy to look into your issue and help you solve your specific problem. Just fill out this form with your specific query, and a member of the team will get back to you – usually within 12 business hours. If you need more immediate help, keep an eye out for the live chat box on the bottom righthand corner of your POWr page -- that way you can get your issue fixed in no time at all.

Are there any other support resources you’d like to see online? Please let us know in the comments.