Workplace Culture at POWr
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POWr Culture

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

At POWr, we understand the  importance of cultivating a positive, empowering company culture. We know that in order for a business to grow and thrive, it must first ensure the cultivation and growth of its team members. In a world driven by dollar signs, we want our legacy to stand apart as one that fosters growth, encourages development and puts customers’ needs first.

Here are some of the ways we ensure we’re on the right track:

We’re Committed to Quality

Our POWr Rangers always arrive to work ready and enthusiastic to tackle the day's goals. Every single one of us is committed to giving our best effort and achieving quality results, and we hold ourselves and each other to a high level of accountability for all that we do. In short, we will go to great lengths to make something truly amazing.

We LOVE What We Do

Our passion for helping small businesses fuels our drive to provide them the best, most affordable plugins for their eCommerce sites. Nothing brings us greater joy than hearing success stories from our users! This enthusiasm is shared by each POWr Ranger and is evident in their work.


POWr is more than a place that cuts paychecks, or a good resume filler. POWr candidates become POWr Rangers because they possess genuine enthusiasm for the work we do here and the career they’ve chosen. Our Rangers don’t join us because they need a paycheck, they join because they want to make a difference.


We’re Committed to Constantly Improving

You will never hear POWr culture being described as “stagnate.” We always see potential for growth and improvement and do not shy away from opportunities to do so. We view each experience as an open door to learn and further develop both individually and as a team. We encourage constructive feedback and never turn away from a chance to expand our understanding. We are by no means perfect, but our commitment to improvement defines the dynamic nature of our team.

We Foster a Team Player Mentality

At POWr, we are a team, not a family. In a team you are selected for your aptitude, passion and ability to dominate a specific role. We rely on and hold each other accountable to get things done. This outlook allows us to effectively collaborate, consider what’s best for the group, instills a willingness to help each other out, and encourages us to always assume the best of one another’s intentions.

Our team is built on trust, respect, transparency, passion, commitment to excellence, mutual appreciation and professionalism. We rely on common sense to act in the best interest of our team, and we recognize that our best work is imperative for our teammates to win. We focus on the bigger picture and actively celebrate each other’s successes. We do what it takes to help create the best, most competitive team possible.

If you’re searching for a badass role where you will be encouraged to grow and given countless opportunities to tackle dynamic challenges, check out our open positions!