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Optimizing your Online Real Estate with POWr Tabs

Published: | Updated: | By Mara Certic

“I broke things to get attention.” – Daniel Day Lewis

We all have our different ways of capturing people’s attention. And when it comes to managing your website, it's particularly important that your visitors stick around a while.

But this is not small feat. Studies tracking people's eye movement and average time on a page found that readers typically spend just 2.6 seconds scanning a page before focusing on a particular section. An interesting piece from CMS Wire features some of the most interesting statistics about how people read online, concluding that the average web user has time to read just 20% of the words on a given page, and spends 80% of this time on content above the fold.

If your readers are rushing through your website, as so many certainly will, they risk missing vital information that isn't centrally located. This is why managing your content in a smart, organized and beautiful way is so critical. There are tons of different ways to capture visitor attention – web graphics, videos, and other visual content all boost conversions when they’re well placed and relevant. The question is, how best to do this?

POWr Tabs is an excellent tool inspired by this question. It allows you to organize many different types of content in one accessible place. Like all of our plugins, it’s ridiculously simple to install, customize and update, and there's no need to learn any frustrating code.

Just go to the plugin, change the titles and add your content. You can include images, links, videos, and even custom HTML if you want to get fancy.

Then customize the plugin. Choose between vertical or horizontal tabs, set color scheme and fonts, and adjust the size of your plugin to fit your page.

There are so many different ways you can use POWr Tabs to streamline and beautify your website.

You can organize and display product information in a neat, compact fashion, like diesel equipment seller D.A. West does on their website. Using different navigation tabs to highlight and organize different categories of product info, D.A. West packs a ton of content into limited space, with the most important sections displayed first.

Our tab widget is a great way to present menus of goods, foods or services. The POWr Editor makes it quick and easy to update any part of your plugin, so your website can stay as flexible as your business.

As visitors spend less and less time looking at individual web pages, the statistical likelihood of someone scrolling down has declined. Why not eliminate the need to scroll completely? Stashing your information in tabs, like traveling movie company Luna Cinemas, is one way to instantly reduce your reliance of scroll. Luna Cinemas include all of their event information for each screening in a set of tabs, which range from information on food and drinks to driving directions.

Do you use POWr Tabs on your website? Let us know how in the comments!