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New POWr Plugin: Improve Your Bottom Line and Keep Customers Happy with Facebook Chat

Published: | Updated: | By Emilie Murphy

When it comes to business, keeping your customers happy is always a top priority. That counts for us too here at POWr. With the face of mobile interaction changing and moving away from voice towards text, consumers are adopting messaging services at an unprecedented pace. Therefore they also increasingly expect to be able to reach somebody in real time. As a small business owner it can be difficult to keep pace with technological trends while meeting customer expectations. That’s why it’s important to find an easy way to interact with your customers, particularly quickly and in real time.

This is where the power of website apps can help you and we’re excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to the POWr plugin library: Facebook Chat. It’s the convenient and easy way to chat with your customers or site visitors in real time from your website. There are no complex integrations, all you need is your website and your Facebook Page for your business.

Here’s why it matters:

1. Convenient for customers

The experience your customers have when visiting your website is crucial. There has been a shift away from phone calls towards web and mobile as a first point of contact between customers and businesses. With so many interconnected devices in today’s world (Gartner predicts there will be 8.4 billion connected ‘things’ by 2020) the immediacy of data or services has become the norm. We expect to be able to find what we need now and get answers quickly. Finding an easy way to provide this for your customers can be challenging. With Facebook Chat you can add a live chat feature to your website that directly connects to any Facebook account (including your business Facebook Page). This means your customers can directly contact you from your website if they get stuck or have a question, so long as they too have a Facebook account. They don’t need to navigate away from your website or wait for an email response. It’s real time, quick and easy.

2. Improve efficiency

If your customers contact you by email it can be time-consuming to respond to each message individually. Sometimes the query can be quickly resolved and doing this via email can be slow. With live chat you can resolve queries quickly and on the go (even from your mobile device) and handle multiple chats simultaneously. This saves you time, allowing you to achieve more. If for any reason you’re unable to respond immediately, we’ve got you covered. With the Facebook Chat plugin, if for any reason you’re unable to respond immediately you can also set an away message so your customers know you’ll get back to them.

3. Increase conversions

If a customer can reach you immediately when they’re blocked it’s much more likely that they’ll stay on your site and complete their transaction. A report by Zendesk showed that live chat drives the highest levels of customer satisfaction, at 92%, when compared to other communication channels. This means your customers will have a more positive experience and impression of your business. What’s more, the nature of live chat allows you to have more personal interactions with your customers or site visitors, helping you build that rapport that keeps them loyal and brings them back to your site.

4. Stay competitive

According to Forbes, at least 54% of retailers offer live chat on their websites, which means that 46% do not. Stay ahead of your competition by directly chatting with your customers and pride yourself on great customer service. With the new Facebook Chat plugin you can also customize it to make it personal to your business, with an automated welcome message, an image, backgrounds as well as custom colors and fonts. You can even decide which users (new or existing) see it on your website, helping you to better target those who need help.

5. Improve your service

The other great thing about live chat is it gives you a lot of data that you may otherwise never get. It gives you insight into what is blocking your customers and areas for improvement. If it’s easy for your customers to chat with you, they’re more likely to do so, therefore giving you more information than if they simply left your site. The great thing about Facebook Chat is that you have a record of all your transcripts on Facebook Messenger, so you can keep track of all feedback and take action based on it.

Don’t miss out on the potential of live chat for your website. With such a simple and convenient way to get started we encourage you to try it for yourself and experience the benefits it will bring for you, your business and your customers.

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