POWr Editor just got even sexier
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New POWr Editor Updates! 🤗

Published: | Updated: | By Aimee Thompson

Exciting news! Our latest POWr editor updates make customizing, editing and updating your plugins a breeze. 🌬

Here’s what’s new: 

Life-saving Auto Save Feature 💙

Forget to save your progress? Don’t fret! Now whenever you create or edit a plugin, your progress is automatically saved as a draft! In addition, you can also rename your plugins similar to Google Drive. 

Fancy Dashboard Updates 💁

Whenever you create a plugin, you’ll see its status indicated in the left hand corner.

There are three possible statuses: 

  1. Draft - Now, when you create a new plugin, it is automatically saved as a draft to your POWr account. 
  2. Unpublished - If you make changes to a plugin that’s active on your site but do not publish them, your plugin’s status will display as unpublished and your changes will not be displayed on your site. 
  3. Published - This indicates that all edits/updates you’ve made to your plugin are live on your site. 

A Sexy New Edit Mode 😍

When you select the “Edit” button on any of your published plugins on your live site, you can opt to either edit in draft mode or on your live site.

Selecting Draft Mode will redirect you to the POWr Editor, where you can make updates to your plugin. Note: these edits will not be reflected on your live website until you select “Publish.” 

If you choose to edit your plugin on your live website, any edits/updates you make will be automatically reflected on your site. 

To learn more about these awesome updates, check out our Help Desk article, here

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