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Introducing POWr’s New Scroll To Top Button!

Published: | Updated: | By Melissa Berry

Make navigating your websites easy with our awesome new Scroll To Top button! I’m sure a lot of you have seen this button on many websites and now you can have it on your own site! Add it to any page on your site and our new POWr plugin will allow your visitors or customers to scroll to the top or bottom of a page or to a specific text, image or video on a page once it is clicked. This plugin provides a smoother browsing experience and adds a more professional look to your site’s layout.

Like all our other plugins, the POWr Scroll To Top button is free to use, easy to customize and more importantly, there is no coding required to add it to your site! You can place the button anywhere you want on your site, you can change the size and the scroll speed of the button and you can even add your own custom image to the button!

Other features of the plugin include choosing where the button is positioned, selecting from several different arrow styles and selecting when the button appears (e.g. after a visitor or customer has seen 50% of the page the button is on).

The POWr Scroll To Top button is a great usability element for any web page, and having one on your site adds a small but helpful detail most of us are used to right now.