Projects the POWr Rangers are most thankful to have worked on in 2018
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Here's What the POWr Rangers are Thankful for in 2018!

Published: | Updated: | By Melissa Berry

With only a little over three years under our belt, POWr has come a long way and has a lot to be thankful for, but most of all, we’re thankful for having POWr users like you! The POWr Rangers have worked on a boatload of exciting projects this year and couldn’t wait to share a few. Here are some of the projects that they are most thankful to have contributed to.

Brandon Ancier, Growth Consultant

"I'm most thankful to have worked on helping POWr build meaningful partnerships that will aid us in our goal of helping small businesses achieve success online."

Brent Gummow, Product Engineer

“I'm super thankful to have the opportunity to get paid to make tools that small businesses can use to grow online! I am very thankful to have worked on a massive overhaul of the publishing process. We added auto-saving and an improved experience when you press the "Add to Site" and "Publish" button. I think the changes made POWr plugins easier for everyone to use and made it that much simpler to get your plugin onto your website and in front of your site visitors.”

Chelsea Davis, UX Designer

“I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to interview our users this year. It has helped me get to know our customers better, understand their pain points and improve our product to better meet their needs!”