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Get More Sales with POWr and PayPal!

Published: | Updated: | By Melissa Berry

PayPal recently launched their Smart Payment Buttons and we’re pretty excited about it! These Smart Payment Buttons are designed to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers and drive growth for your business. But what exactly are PayPal Smart Payment Buttons and how do they work?

The Smart Payment Buttons are essentially buttons that give PayPal users alternative checkout options. Instead of having E-commerce sites parade a bunch of payment options, customers now have the option to pay the way they want, depending on their geography and preferences. Customers can also pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, and all major credit and debit cards.

This is what customers from different countries see when using the Smart Payment Buttons

When a PayPal user selects the PayPal checkout button, the relevant payment buttons automatically appear for the user to choose from once the user is signed into PayPal. So, if a customer is shopping from their mobile device and PayPal recognizes that customer as a Venmo user, PayPal will automatically show the Venmo payment option. Smart Payment Buttons also have the “One-Touch” feature, which means customers don’t have to constantly login to PayPal on each site they visit. PayPal claims this quick and seamless checkout saves time and encourages customers to purchase more items. Not to mention you’ll see up to 82% better checkout conversions, which means more sales for you. It’s win-win!

Venmo customers will see this when purchasing a product or service

This checkout experience provides more opportunities for you, the merchant, to have aggregated insights about your online customers, including conversation rates, devices used, and a set of recommendations to help increase conversions and loyalty.

The great news for POWr users is that PayPal Smart Buttons are now integrated into our POWr PayPal Button, eCommerce and Form Builder plugins. Once you are connected to Paypal, the Smart Payment Buttons will automatically be enabled when you create one of these plugins. For existing PayPal Button, eCommerce and Form Builder users, this feature can be enabled once the once the plugins are edited. There’s no complex authentication or integration process either. All you need to do is enter your PayPal email address in the POWr Editor.

Set up your PayPal account and enable or disable Smart Payment Buttons in you POWr editor

You can learn more about enabling Smart Payment Buttons in our Help Center.

You’ll also see better insights in your POWr Sales Dashboard

This is the perfect time for you to add Smart Payment Buttons to your plugins! We’re confident you’ll see better sales, your customers will have a more seamless checkout and you’ll see improved sales data in your POWr Sales Dashboard.

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