Design and Send Emails With the New POWr Email Editor

Design and Send Emails With the New POWr Email Editor

Published: | Updated: | By Emilie Murphy

Collecting customer information on your website is an important part of business. Whether you’re doing this through a contact form, newsletter sign up, event registration form or promotional popup, following up with your site visitors is important. Not only is it important, but it can also be very time-consuming.

It might not necessarily seem like much, but let’s say you have 15 customers contacting you every day through your contact form, and you have a newsletter sign up popup where you also get 10 new sign-ups every day. Our own customer research found that the majority of our users are manually sending follow-up emails to these customers. Imagine doing that for 25+ customers a day, assuming it takes 5 minutes per email. You’d be spending 2 or more hours a day writing and formatting an initial email response to customers, excluding additional time spent satisfying their request.

Being able to automate that process with easy-to-design, custom emails was a common pain point. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of the POWr Email Editor, which is now available in POWr Form Builder and POWr Popup plugins.

What is the POWr Email Editor?

The POWr Email Editor allows you to customize automated emails that are sent to your customers or users when they complete your form or sign up through your popup. In order to access this feature you'll need to have an email input field in your POWr Form or Popup. Here's how it looks:

How does it work?

The POWr Email Editor is so easy to use! You can customize the emails that are sent automatically and you can change the layout of your emails in the editor at any time. Once the Send Customer Confirmation Email is enabled in your plugin, you can set up the email. Simply click 'Customize Confirmation Email':

To customize the layout of your email, drag your chosen elements from the left onto the email template on the right. You can add your own company logo and send personalized messages to your customers or users to portray your company’s unique flair or style. You can also send test emails to see what the emails will look like in your visitors' inboxes!

By default your customer confirmation email will contain an overview of your customer's form responses, but you can remove that element if you choose.

Why should I use the POWr Email Editor?

The versatile POWr Email Editor gives you the ability to speak directly to your customers, build long-term relationships and it gives you an opportunity to build an email list. It’s super easy to set up sleek, professional automated emails and once your email is set up, you don’t have to do it again.

Once you've set up an email it'll also be saved as a template in your POWr account. This means that you can use it again for a future email in another form:

Delight your customers with personalized emails and save yourself effort with emails that send automatically when a visitor completes your form.

Try it now in POWr Form Builder and POWr Popup, or read more about the POWr Email Editor in our Help Center.