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Take Advantage of Black Friday Shopping Trends Using These Apps

Published: | Updated: | By Stephanie Strong

How can you tell which one of your friends got a good Black Friday deal? Don't worry they'll let you know. Shoppers love deals, and have come to expect them during Black Friday to Cyber Monday (BFCM), the biggest shopping holiday in the United States.

Let’s look at the statistics from 2018:

Also, this time is becoming ever more important for eCommerce businesses due to more shoppers saying they are planning to shop online. At POWr, we delight in knowing that you use our apps to boost sales and drive an increase in revenue. So, we created a few pre-designed apps you can use to capitalize on the shopping frenzy! Here are a few campaigns you can run with them:

Run a Pre-Black Friday Sale

Boost sales early by offering a sale with deals only available before Black Friday. It’s also a great way to get visitor email information for future campaigns.

How It Works:

Add a popup to your site asking visitors to sign up for your pre-sale event. You’ll want to map out what your discounts and offers will be for the Pre-Black Friday sale, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday ahead of time. Send an email to anyone who signs up giving them the when and what of your sale. When you launch it, send a reminder email and use social media to tell your visitors and customers the deals are available.

What You Need:

Use the POWr Pre-Sale Popup template to get started.

pre-black friday sale popup

Set up an autoresponder email. Be sure to include the details of your offers and when they will become available.

*If you’re on the Pro plan you can automatically sync the new email addresses you collect to your Mailchimp lists.

Pre-Sale Popup Editor

All that is left to do is set up the offer or discount on your site and when the time is right, publish! Don’t forget to send a reminder email. If you need to see the email entries again, you can view responses directly in the editor.

Countdown to Black Friday

No doubt you’ve already got offers in mind for this upcoming shopping holiday. Create a sense of urgency and excitement by using this Black Friday Countdown Timer on your site.

Black Friday Countdown

*Modify this timer to show how long Black Friday deals are available after the sale has started.

Offer Deals During Cyber Monday

With mobile sales overtaking in-store sales in 2018, Cyber Monday is expected to ring in more purchases than any other day during Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some quick and easy apps to add to your site to help you capitalize and boost sales!

Add a Cyber Monday Popup

Use this popup to show your visitors that you’ve got a sale going on. Whether you are offering a store-wide discount or giving away a free gift with purchase, this popup is a great way to show your visitors the details and also remind them as they are shopping for your products.

Cyber Monday Popup

Use this Cyber Monday Countdown Timer

As mentioned before, countdown timers create a sense of excitement and urgency. Use this countdown timer across all pages on your site during Cyber Monday to urge customers to buy now.

Cyber Monday Countdown

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, preparation will be your key to success. In addition to the above apps, POWr is hosting a BFCM Questions Answered webinar on Facebook live to answer any questions you might have on our apps, deals we are offering, and will also be giving away our most creative ideas to help your store stand out during this important shopping holiday! Check out the details here.

Here’s to wishing your Black Friday does not turn into Broke Saturday!