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9 Tools to Boost Your Fashion eCommerce Business

Published: | Updated: | By Emilie Murphy

Competition in the fashion eCommerce space is strong. Ensuring success for your business demands many considerations, from strong branding, messaging, a compelling product offer, excellent customer service and a great online user experience. With cart abandonment rates in the fashion space reaching 67.6%, it’s more important than ever to adopt strategies that will prompt your customers to take action and complete their purchase.

Putting your business in a position to grab market share from your competitors and remain profitable requires a careful sales and marketing strategy, but it also means expanding your toolkit and making the most of the resources available to you. 

At POWr we have built over 50 website tools designed to bring you effortless growth, all in one place. Today we bring you 9 essential fashion eCommerce tools to help you stand out from the crowd.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is an effective way to create a sense of urgency in order to drive conversions and sales. There are a number of ways to use this versatile app, that is fully customizable:

  • Drive urgency with a ‘sale ending’ timer.
  • Countdown to an event or launch of a new fashion line to generate interest.
  • Communicate order deadline dates during the holidays.
  • Use it in a popup for new visitors offering them an exclusive, time-limited discount.


Having an FAQ to answer common questions regarding shipping, sizing and payments can vastly help in removing blocks to customer purchases. POWr FAQ is a user-friendly help section that can help reduce customer complaints and increase conversions.

  • Answer frequent customer questions (you can even automatically expand the most popular questions).
  • Add a search bar to your FAQ to help your customers easily find answers to their questions.
  • Add images to your FAQ: answer common questions with screenshots, infographics, and more by inserting images into your answers.
  • Add FAQ to any pages or products.


Popup is one of the most popular apps fashion merchants use to highlight sales, newsletters, grow mailing lists, and more. The eye-catching effects of POWr Popup drive visitor engagement, help reduce bounce rates and can boost sales. Here’s how you could use it:

  • Provide a time-limited offer to all new customers (for this, you could even embed a Countdown Timer in your popup and set it to only show for new visitors).
  • Team it up with Form Builder and use it as an email capture tool to grow your mailing list.
  • Use it to reduce your bounce rate by offering users who are about to leave your page an exclusive offer (set popup to display only when showing exit intent).
  • Promote and link to new products to highlight new lines.

Order Form

Making your products easy to purchase or order in advance is key to success. POWr Order Form allows you to create your own custom form to easily gather information in a user-friendly way. Here are some benefits:

  • Build brand trust and simplify the order process.
  • Receive desktop and email notifications of order requests.
  • Collect customer order information in one dashboard.
  • You can even build a returns form for easy returns processing using the same form builder.


Surveys are a valuable source of metrics and insight on customer experiences. This insight helps you improve your products and services, stay on top of customer needs, and stay ahead of your competition. POWr Survey offers a customizable platform to easily collect this information:

  • Get customer feedback with a post-purchase survey.
  • Embed it on your site or send it by email.
  • Ask your customers about their favorite design trends to inform new products.
  • Measure brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with an NPS survey.


Display store content in an engaging and responsive Pinterest-style gallery. POWr Gallery helps you to show off collections, new arrivals, promotions and more. Here’s what you could do:

  • Highlight products and increase sales with call-to-action buttons in your gallery.
  • Use it to create product grids, user testimonial pages or even press galleries.
  • Allow customers to share your products on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google with social sharing icons for each image or video.

Social Feed

Keeping your site content fresh whilst also keeping up social media engagement is challenging. With POWr Social Feed you can easily show fresh content from all your social channels in one responsive gallery (and make it shareable). Here are a few ways you could use it:

  • Show hashtag results for your marketing campaigns.
  • Show how your customers can use your product(s) in their everyday life by following a hashtag.
  • Display your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed to site visitors.
  • Add new product photos right from Instagram and have them automatically appear on your site in your social feed.
  • Follow other relevant businesses or hashtags on your website.


Making sure your customers know where to find your physical stores is important, even if you’re selling online. POWr Map is customizable and offers a simple solution for helping customers find store locations or events closest to them. Knowing how to find you helps build customer confidence. You can even set up your POWr Map to automatically show the location closest to them.

About Us

Like knowing the physical location of your business, for customers knowing about your company is also important for instilling a sense of trust and giving your business extra credibility. POWr About Us is fully customizable and allows you to display information about your company or team members in an easy-to-navigate display. 

Consider this your POWr ‘Fashion Pack’! We hope that, by using these tools, you’ll be further on the road to success in your eCommerce venture.

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