Virtual Assistant Websites for Outsourcing Your eCommerce Store
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6 Virtual Assistant Websites for Outsourcing Online Store Management

Published: | Updated: | By Connor Gillivan

Let's face it, building a business online is a ton of work for business owners. Fortunately there are resources out there to help you succeed in growing your business fast while maintaining sanity. One such resource is virtual assistant websites for finding VAs to help lighten your workload. The world of VAs is well-developed and always growing. You can build your business with a group of virtual assistants that cost a mere fraction of what it would to employ the same number and quality of professionals in a physical location. To free up your time and energy to focus on working on your business and less time working ‘in’ your business, you should browse the best virtual assistant websites to build your successful company. Here are some standouts:


FreeeUp is one of the fastest rising virtual assistant websites. There, you can find not only VAs, but also virtual experts in many different areas that can impact the success of your company. Founders Nathan and Connor hired hundreds of virtual freelancers in the 7 years they spent running their first e-commerce business. After experiencing some frustration with hiring professionals from other marketplaces, Connor Gillivan and Nathan Hirsch launched the FreeeUp marketplace in 2015.

This network's claim to fame is they recruit and interview thousands of freelancers on a weekly basis and only accept the top 1% of these applicants into the marketplace. The Freeeup Marketplace offers 85+ different freelancer skill sets at expertise levels ranging from lower level, mid-level, up to top-of-the-line seasoned pros. You can hire the services of professionals in areas such as Bing, Google, Facebook and Amazon advertising; project management, sales assistants, web and app design and development, inventory management, digital marketing, copy and content writing, and more.

 The process of getting started with Freeeup is easy.

1.    Simply create your account, which is free to do.

2.    Next, submit a request for a freelancer.

3.    Once you're introduced to a qualified freelancer, you will have the opportunity to do a quick 15-minute interview to see if they're a good fit.

4.    Hire the freelancer from your dashboard in one click – control and track their hours, billing, and everything else from your account.


Upwork is an industry-leading freelancing website comprised of U.S. and international experts covering virtually all skill sets. Through this marketplace, you can easily find the help of an expert you’re searching for, browse profiles and check reviews, share files and pay for services all through a safe and secure payment gateway.

Since most people know about this gorilla of the VA industry, let’s move on.


Another one of the most popular virtual assistant websites is Zirtual. With Zirtual, you can rest assured you'll have a college educated U.S. assistant that is highly trained. It's a proven fact that building your business with smart people and top talent is key to gaining a competitive edge. You get the best of the best with this network of professionals.


Yet another popular virtual assistant websites is With this network, you gain the power to reach an international pool of freelancers with a vast array of skills. As is the case with the other networks mentioned, freelancers are screened to ensure you work with professionals proficient in their respective fields.

This marketplace is simple to use. Simply use their project writing tool to craft the perfect message to alert the desired freelancers. When they see your message, they will respond to your request – sometimes within minutes. When you find the professional you feel is perfect for the project, you can hire them. You should browse this virtual assistant website to familiarize yourself today.


This virtual assistant websites offers a huge pool of VAs and professionals that specialize in many different areas relating to doing business online. If you own a web store, Amazon store, eBay store, or other type of online business, you'll appreciate this network of professionals.

You can find professional help for tasks ranging from general things to very specific skill sets, including SEO specialists, graphic designers, content writers, video producers, website developers and more.

What is really cool about 20Four7va is they not only recruit virtual assistants, they also train them. This ensures you work with an up-to-date and skilled professional who's using best practices for the task you hired them for.

This virtual assistant websites does a great service to both workers and clients. focuses on building a pool of well-educated and talented Filipino professionals who can work from home and provide well for their families by helping business owners from the US and around the world.

In fact, millions of people have used the services of Filipino virtual assistants through this popular site. It is the meeting point that connects Filipinos who need gainful employment with Western clients in need of virtual professionals who don't cost top dollar.

This company was founded by John Jonas and co founded by Dan Goggins. Apparently, the need for this company's services grew from a demand for Filipino VAs from friends and family of Jonas.

You can hire a worker who has a quality standard of living and yet costs you very little, as compared to hiring someone of the same level of skill in the US. Filipino workers can be hired on a part-time, full-time, hourly or salary basis. You may desire to proactively pursue a working relationship with a certain worker by name, or you can post a job request and review a variety of responses. It's easy to search the website and find the help you’re looking for to grow your company. Visit this virtual assistant website today to get started.


What's great about VAs is they can help relieve your workload and stress from your business and your personal life. A virtual assistant can take care of your travel bookings, set appointments, manage your schedule, manage your e-mail inbox, and tidy up your to-do list. Imagine having someone who can provide email management for your growing list of subscribers, conduct research and produce reports, perform regular social media tasks, and more.You can take your business to the next level faster than you think, and with far less stress, by hiring out as many tasks as possible, so you can focus growing your company online.

Connor Gillivan is the CMO and co-owner of, a rapidly growing freelance marketplace making hiring online simpler. He has sold over $30 million online, has hired hundreds of freelancers to build his companies, is a published author, and is the owner of He currently lives in Denver, CO.

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