5 Tips to Create a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy
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5 Tips to Create a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Published: | Updated: | By Kevin Payne

Let’s face it - it’s not enough for businesses to just focus on attracting traffic and generating leads.

They need to be able to turn them into paying customers.

In order to do that, you need to create a marketing funnel.

Your funnel should take into account all factors that affect your ability to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Below are tips on creating a full-funnel marketing strategy that’ll ensure you increase your website conversions and revenue:

Analyze your existing sales structure for “low-hanging fruits”

Are you generating leads and sales for your business already?

Good, you at least have a framework that you can use to optimize your sales process.

For starters, you must identify which part of your marketing funnel needs improvements.

Next, you need to find low-hanging fruits, which I refer to as quick wins for your business.

For example, if you’re generating lots of leads from your website but aren’t converting them into customers. Something I admit I’m guilty of because I created an email drip campaign and let my email list go stale. This is a common case of set it and forget it.

As you see above I clearly was dropping the ball. By segmenting my email list and developing automated emails based on certain actions I was able to improve conversion.

Improving your website conversion rate would be considered a low-hanging fruit since you already have a lead generation system in place.

All you need to do is analyze how website visitors interact with your landing pages or email list.

By doing so, you get to understand the pros and cons and work on improving the weak areas of your current system.

More importantly, you can organize the system to develop or optimize your marketing funnel!

Focus on repeat orders

Getting recurring purchases from customers is the key to gaining consistent revenue.

Since your clients have already bought from you before, theirs already an existing relationship between the two of you.

According to a study, it costs five times more to acquire new clients than to retain current ones.

Also, 61% of SMBs’ majority revenue comes from repeat customers. You don’t have to deal with all the parts of the funnel because you simply go straight down your BOFU (bottom of the funnel).

More importantly, they convert faster!

Simply put, great customer service ensures you turn clients into long-term customers who will keep buying from you!

You can use a marketing automation tool that lets you create drip email campaigns to stay engaged with clients.

Constantly send them compelling emails with the purpose of educating them. To help you develop your campaign, refer to this useful article to nurture your leads.

Observe content marketing

At the core of every effective funnel is an effective content marketing strategy.

In other words - you want your audience to come to you and not the other way around!

The best way to do this is by ranking as one of the top five search results for your target keywords.

Therefore, implementing the best SEO practices should catapult your business on Google’s first page.

The higher your ranking, the more traffic you generate. For local businesses consider working with an SEO company to help you with crafting persuasive content that ranks and converts your website visitors.

To help complement your SEO campaign, you can also start an aggressive paid advertising campaign such as having Facebook and YouTube ads. These are effective because most people are tuned into these social networks.

In fact, Facebook and YouTube are the two most-visited sites, with the former being the first. Thus, it makes sense to promote your brand in these channels!

You can also build a subscriber list whom you can send emails to and keep them engaged with your brand.

Through your emails, you stay in the minds of readers even if they’re not your customers. This way, they’re always just one email away into becoming your clients!

Hire dynamic people to get the job done

Marketing funnel involves different factors, aspects, and conditions that you’ll find difficult to manage.

Obviously, you’ll need help from different people to help you execute the best course of action and keep your marketing funnel functioning smoothly.

At the same time, there’ll be challenges along the way that prevent you from finding top talent.

Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to accomplish to make the hunt easier:

Develop an effective hiring process

The success of your business depends on your staff’s effectiveness.

Thus, it’s important to hire the best talents.

A great employee is responsible, has the initiative to work on various tasks with little guidance, and contributes greatly to your bottom line.

You can find that right worker by assessing your needs and posting a job ad containing a clear work description.

LinkedIn, UpWork, and Gig Workers are some of the best places to post your job offer. Once the applications come in, you then want to screen them and conduct interviews.

Refine your onboarding process

An effective onboarding process increases client retention by 25% and can improve worker performance up to 10%. Employees are also most likely to stay up to three years in the organization.

State necessary work preparations before job start and introduce the tools and equipment to be used.

After which, you must hold a meeting where you acquaint them to your working environment and introduce them to your other employees.

Evaluate their onboarding experience afterward.

Find virtual assistants to help take the load off

VAs can make the hiring process much easier for you. They will oversee and review the applicants for you.

More than that, finding the right VA can help improve your productivity.

You can assign this person menial but nonetheless vital tasks in your business.

You can then focus on the bigger picture while your VA is running in the background doing the dirty job for you!

Streamline communication between marketers and sales

Effective communication between your marketing and sales team is crucial. These two teams are the main driving forces of your company’s profitability.

However, they aren’t always in tuned with one another.

There are times when the sales team expect results that the marketing team can’t promise to deliver.

Meanwhile, the marketing team will be looking for more products to push out that the sales team doesn’t have right now in their inventory.

Despite their skewed expectations, one thing is certain:

One wouldn't function properly without the other!

Therefore, you need both teams to be on the same page at all times.

Hold regular meetings with both teams, discuss the progress of your campaigns, and ensure you have a marketing stack that allows your tools and data to work together.

This way you can analyze your data and collaborate together in finding ways to improve the results.

At the end of each meeting, both teams have a clear goal in mind and must work together in achieving it.


Just like an actual funnel, your business won’t turn in a profit if there are bottlenecks in your marketing strategy.

This reason is why you need to review your marketing funnel from top to bottom.

While this task is daunting, you have this guide to help you identify which parts of your funnel to focus on.

By following the tips above, you should be able to maximize your marketing funnel and generate more profits in the long run!

Kevin helps founders and influencers implement growth marketing campaigns to increase their qualified inbound leads.