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Free Instagram Feed App Plugin: The Best Rated Instagram Feeds App Plugin For Your Website

The easy way to create a professional social media feed for any website, with no code.

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Why POWR Instagram Feed Plugin for your website?

Get 200% More Views

By getting your social media content in front of more people with a live stream on your website from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

boost conversions
Boost Conversions by 40%

By adding customer images to your website from Instagram or by following hashtags for convincing social proof that converts your visitors into customers.

save time
Increase Brand Recognition

By making your posts shareable on your website so visitors can share them and increase your brand reach.

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POWR has enhanced my website and makes my life easier in the process, which let's face it, is what we all need more of in our lives!

Lisa Hardy

@ Good World Graphics

Boost Brand Recognition

Add Multiple Feeds

Mix multiple social media sources in one combined feed so you can display all your content in one place.

Social Sharing

Let your visitors share your Social Feed posts by adding social sharing buttons.

Content Moderation

Approve new posts before they’re added to your website feed, or automatically display any new posts immediately.

Advanced Customization

Automatic Image Cropping

Save time with one-click image cropping. Choose from no crop, portrait, landscape or square.

Flexible Layouts

Pick your perfect gallery style, whether it’s a square grid, collage, or slider.

Eye-Catching Hover Effects

Get more engagement by displaying image captions and likes on hover, with your chosen background color.

POWRful Integrations


Add posts from a @ account or # hashtag.


Add posts from a Facebook Page or Public Group.


Automatically sync new form responses in real time.


Add videos from a channel or playlist URL.


Add videos with a Vimeo username or channel URL.


Add posts from a Pinterest Board.


Add videos from a Dailymotion user account.


Add posts from a Tumblr blog.


Add pictures from a Flickr URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an Instagram feed widget improve my reach?

If your business site is your sales hub – packed with product and service content – your Instagram feed is that sparkle of personality that brings your brand to life! Adding a POWR Instagram widget or plugin to your website is a fantastic way to boost engagement, drive traffic, and make quality content shareable.

The more customers share your Instagram photos, the wider your audience, the larger your chunk of market share, and the higher your follower count – so if you've got an excellent Instagram feed, maximizing the value of each post is a no-brainer.

One-click share functionality across all social channels means you maintain a strong digital presence on all platforms and organic engagement from your loyal customers when you embed your feed onto your site.

Keep doing what you're doing, maintaining a solid flow of original, engaging content, and your Instagram feed plugin will do the rest!

What can the POWR Instagram plugin do for my business?

A crucial advantage of linking your Instagram feed with your site is that it demonstrates confidence and openness to engaging with customers on their terms. Social media, as we all know, has its risks and rewards. But overall, Instagram provides a massive opportunity to leverage reviews and comments (yes, even the negative ones) to exhibit the brand behaviors you want to be known for. Credibility distinguishes you from thousands of competitors, demonstrating your values and amplifying your brand voice.

An active Instagram presence empowers you to provide exceptional customer service with one-to-one responses and direct communication. Your posts and reels give you the liberty to address problems, explore responses to challenges, and operate with the transparency that validates your service or product value.

Importing Instagram feed content with a more relaxed tone and structure than conventional web landing pages is a bold way to turn up the volume on your socials. Imported feed content brings energy to your website and allows you to deal with any stumbling blocks that come your way calmly, openly, and self-assuredly.

Can I customize the plugin software to match my Instagram theme?

If you've used any POWR plugins or widgets, you know we're all about customization! Our advanced widget functions include:

  • Automated image cropping so that every Instagram post you share on your feed instantly fits into your preferred layout and style, with one-click simplicity.
  • Tailored feed layouts, so you can pick and choose between social feed sliders, grids, and colorful collages.
  • Hover effects to add visual impact, incorporating brand-specific background colors, caption popups, and engagement options into tagged post feeds.

Your site’s social feeds must match the style and feel you’ve incorporated into your Instagram feed, to maintain a consistent flow of content showing your brand’s unique flavor.

How does using an Instagram plugin impact the visibility of my feed?

Social posts on Instagram facilitate real-time reporting, sharing announcements, promote new product ranges, and more. They are used to compel your audience to connect emotionally with your business – which is why we appreciate that a generic feed plugin doesn’t pack enough of a punch.

Adding Instagram visibility to your site directly improves your social reach, drawing web visitors to your feed and vice versa. Here are some of the tools a POWR Instagram plugin brings to your fingertips:

  • Multiple feed capacity – mix up your shares to display a range of content from all the heavy hitters: your widget can share feeds from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. – you get the picture!
  • Social sharing buttons – an annoyance of using Instagram is that it can be cumbersome for followers to share content from your feed, limiting the reach of even the most compelling Instagram posts. User-friendly social share buttons allow viewers to broadcast your creations worldwide on any social feed they wish.
  • Content moderation tools – choose whether to reserve approval rights, ensuring you select only the best Instagram content to showcase, or display every new Instagram post right away.

Remember, your social feed isn't just a cute conversational resource or a brand advertising exercise. Instagram, as one of the top socials, is used as a key factor in algorithm rankings: the more your content is shared on your feed, the higher you climb on big-ticket search engines!

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All I wanted to do is add my Instagram feed to my website (no bells and whistles required)

- This was SUPER SIMPLE to do with this app . Thanks for making things straightforward and free!

Murphy and Bailey

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it helped me to give another added punch to my website which was able to showcase more of my journey, personal style and personality. It definitely took it up a notch and i love how it installs it for you by clicking a button to say where you want it and offering different layout styles to fit the page.

TSK Soaphouse

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