If you're seeing a 403 error when you open the POWr Editor, there are a few quick things to check. The 403 error occurs when POWr does not recognize you as the owner of the plugin you are trying to edit.

You may receive a 403 error if:

• You are logged in to POWr with a different email than you used to create the plugin.

• Your browser is not accepting cookies from POWr.

How to Fix

• Set your browser to accept cookies from POWr

• Log out of your POWr account, then log back in.

• In your account page, you should see the plugin you are trying to edit.

• If you don't, you may have accidentally created two different POWr accounts. Try logging in with other email addresses you might have used.

If you are still stuck, contact POWr Support and include a link to the live webpage where your plugin lives.

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