Which upgrade should I buy?

Created December 02 2014. Updated June 01 2016

It depends on what you need. All plugins are available for Free. There are also 3 upgrade options, depending on how many plugins you use. All upgrades can be purchased in the POWr Editor. For very high traffic sites, contact for custom pricing packages.

Free Version - 100% free, forever, for everyone

All POWr Plugins are available for free, forever. You can use as many of them as you'd like, on as many sites as you'd like. Free versions are great for getting started. If you want to remove the POWr logo, or get access to plugin-specific premium features, consider an upgrade!

Single Upgrade - $1.99-$5.99/month (depending on plugin)

Upgrade one unique version of your Plugin. You can use this version multiple times, on as many sites as you want. But each version will be exactly the same as all the others.

Pro Package - $9.99/month

• Upgrade up to 20 unique versions of your Plugins.

• Perfect if you are using more than two or three Plugins on your website.

Business Package - $49.99/month

• Instantly upgrades ALL of your POWr Plugins. No limits at all!

• Support for high-traffic and professional websites.

• Newly created plugins will upgrade automatically.

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