Which languages does POWr support?

Created June 05 2014. Updated February 25 2016


Can I change the language in POWr Plugins?


Yes! You can enter any language in POWr Forms and other plugins where you can add your own text.


You can enter text in any language when you create a POWr Form. Just write in the language you wish to be displayed when you create your Form elements.

For the Address element, there is currently no translation available. We recommend using Single Line Text and Dropdown elements to build your own custom Address field.

In Galleries and Sliders, you can add your own custom captions and text elements to describe the content of your images.

For Plugins where non-editable system text is displayed, we are working on getting those translated. If you need to contact POWr Support, feel free to email us in English, Spanish, or German and we'll answer in the respective language.

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