Where are my form response emails? (payment required)

Created October 14 2015. Updated September 28 2016


I use a POWr Form to Accept a Payment. But I'm not receiving my Form Response Emails. Why?


A Form Reponse Email will only be sent after someone submitting your form has completed the payment portion. If they do not complete this step, an email will not be sent but their response will be added to the Form Response Dashboard.


Form Response Emails

After someone fills out your form, they will be sent to a PayPal page to complete their payment. You will not receive your Form Response Email until they submit their payment. This ensures that you do not send a product or provide a service before you receive the required payment.

Form Response Dashboard

You can view ALL form submissions, paid and unpaid, by visiting your Form Response Dashboard.

Submissions where a payment HAS been made will say Yes under Payment Received.

Submissions where a payment HAS NOT been made will say No under Payment Received.

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