Where are my form email alerts?

Created June 05 2014. Updated September 20 2016


I'm not receiving email alerts when someone fills out my form. What's going on?


This is a common problem. Check these steps and don't panic!


1) Is your email set up?

In the POWr Editor, open the Connect section and make sure your email address is entered correctly. Once you connect your email, you can send a **Verification Email** to yourself to make sure everything is working correctly.

2) Spam Folder

In your email inbox, check your Spam folder for emails from If you find an email from this address mark it as Not Spam.

3) Whitelist POWr

In your email account, find the Whitelist (sometimes also called "Safe Senders List") settings. Add "" to your whitelist. This is a way to tell your email provider to always allow messages coming from that domain.

In your email inbox, also add to your contacts.

4) Requiring Payments?

If your form requires a payment, you will not receive emails until the payment is submitted.

5) Contact us!

If none of these steps solve the issue, please contact us here. We'll get you fixed up right :)

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