What options are there after a visitor submits my form?

Created June 05 2014. Updated September 27 2016


What options do I have after a visitor submits my form?


Premium users can choose from the following options:
  1. Single submission only - User cannot submit another response.

  2. Clear the form and allow another submission - User can enter new information to submit.

  3. Redirect to another page - The user is automatically sent to a new page after they submit. Add the link to the page to which you wish to send the user in the Redirect link field that will appear only when you make this choice.

  4. Hide the form - The form disappears from the page.

  5. Show responses - Display the results of polls or surveys for the elements in which you enabled the "Show responses after user submits" option. If you check this option for multiple elements in your form, the user will see a link to the results page after submitting their response.

  6. Only one submission per visitor - Uses the visitor's IP address to prevent a user from submitting another form. This works well for *voting* situations.


To choose one of these options, follow these steps:
  1. Open the POWr Editor

  2. Go to the Content section

  3. Click to open After User Submits

  4. Select an option from the first dropdown list.

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