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What is my plugin's "Label"?

Created March 24 2015. Updated August 16 2016


What is a plugin's label and why is it important?


Labels were used to identify specific versions of a plugin. Labels lived inside POWr Shortcodes and HTML DIVs. You chose a label when you first pasted a Shortcode or DIV into your website (the default label was "Enter a Label")

For example, you might have had three different Photo Galleries, each with different photos and styling. Each of these three Photo Galleries would have a different label in its shortcode, like this:

[powr-photo-gallery label="Apple"]

[powr-photo-gallery label="Banana"]

[powr-photo-gallery label="Orangutan"]

...or, if you were using DIVs...

<div class="powr-contact-form" label="Apple"></div>

<div class="powr-contact-form" label="Banana"></div>

<div class="powr-contact-form" label="Orangutan"></div>

Nowadays, every plugin is automatically assigned its own unique label.

How to check a plugin's label?

You can see the label for your plugin by logging in to your POWr account and clicking on My Plugins on the side menu. Click Manage on the app you need the label for the and the label will be shown on the following page.

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