What are Unique IDs and Unique Versions?

Created October 13 2014. Updated February 20 2016

A unique version of a POWr Plugin (ex. Form Builder) is defined by its unique ID. Every new plugin you create will have its own unique ID number.

You can see these IDs in POWr Shortcodes and HTML DIVs, like this:

Shortcode HTML DIV
[powr-form-builder id=abcd1234] <div class="powr-form-builder id="abcd1234"></div>


• When you purchase a POWr Single App upgrade, you are upgrading only that unique version of that plugin.

• You can use this unique version many times and on many different websites by pasting in the exact same POWr Shortcode or HTML DIV, or by using the SYNC option in the POWr Editor

• You can change the Content or Design of a unique version whenever you like, and those changes will be applied to all other copies of that unique version.

For more info on using more than one plugin, click here.

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