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What are my options after a Countdown hits zero?

Created July 22 2015. Updated September 04 2015


What options do I have after a Countdown Timer hits zero?


After a Countdown hits zero, you can...

• Repeat - Countdown will start counting down again for any denomination of time.

• Display Text - a Title and Subtitle will be displayed in place of the Countdown.

• Display Button or Link - a Button or Link will be displayed in place of the Countdown.

• Accept Payment - a Button to accept PayPal payments will appear in place of the Countdown. This allows you to receive one-time payments, donations, or subscription payments.

• Automatic Reset - reset the Countdown for any duration of time. This is a Premium Feature. Click here for more info.


1) Open the POWr Editor (or App Settings in Wix).

2) Go to Content -> After Completion.

3) Select your choice from the dropdown menu and fill in details.

Note: After Completion controls are available for Upgraded Countdowns only.

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