View and Export Form Responses

Created June 26 2014. Updated December 05 2016

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How do I view my form responses? And can I export them?


To view and export your form responses, follow these steps:

  1. Open the **POWr Editor**
  2. In the Content section, click on View Form Responses.
  3. This will open the Form Response Dashboard
  4. To export form responses, select .CSV or .XLS (Excel) next to Download Response

Note: If you don't see the Settings Icon (Gears) on your plugin, Click Here for help.

Note: When you add an email address to the 'Email Response to' field, all responses will be sent to that email. If you do not receive these responses, check the Spam folder in your email. If emails from POWr are being sent to your Spam folder, change the Spam filters to allow POWr to go to your inbox. Click Here for more help.

Updating your Spam Filter to prevent form submissions being marked as spam:

How to change spam filters in Gmail

How to change spam filters in Outlook

How to change spam filters in Yahoo!

Note: Having trouble getting your Excel sheet to display your language in the correct format? Try this:

  • Download the responses as a CSV file instead of XLS.
  • Open Excel and click File > Import, and then select the CSV file you've downloaded.
  • Select "Delimited" and select a File Origin that makes the text legible to you (you might have to try a few of these).
  • Click next and click "Comma" as the separator.
  • Finish and add to your sheet.

Note: If the responses to any of your form questions start with a 0, Excel might try to remove the 0 from the data. To prevent this from happening, please follow these steps:

- Open Excel and click File -> Import
- Select "CSV File" in the first panel
- Select "Delimited" in the next panel
- Make sure "Comma" is checked in the next panel
- In the final panel, navigate to the column for which you are having this issue and click it. Then click "Text" under column data format.
- Click finish and the data should be added correctly.
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