Triggering Popup with Visitor Click

Created August 16 2016. Updated August 16 2016

You can trigger a POWr Popup to appear when a visitor clicks something on your webpage, for example, a piece of text, image, or button.
Note: if instead you want the popup to appear on a new page after your visitor is redirected, just add the popup to that new page instead

You just need to wrap your text, button, or image in html like this:

<span class="trigger-popup">your text, button, or image here</span>

Here's an example of how to trigger a popup on a Shopify Product page.

1) Add your POWr Popup to the page.

2) Switch to HTML mode with the <> icon.

3) Wrap some text, a button, or an image in the "trigger-popup" code.

4) Your popup will now appear whenever that text, button, or image is clicked. Be sure to set the Show Popup control to Always in your POWr Editor, under Design -> General.

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